Bill Will Green creates detail modifications for the 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean build. I appreciate his effort on these designs as they really help clean up the model. He is also an active supporter of the  Build the BTTF DeLorean – 1:8 Custom Parts Facebook Group.

Most of Mr. Green’s products are molded from super-thin 0.25 mm polystyrene and painted with Plastikote grey primer that closely matches the colors of the real car. Each part includes self-adhesive tape that is pre-applied for easy installation.

If you would like these mods, reach out to Bill via his Facebook Page or via his email at:

For the 1:8 scale Eaglemoss Back to the Future DeLorean:

Product NameUsed in Issue(s)
Seat Back Covers50, 51
Headliners70, 74
Spare Wheel Cover110
These are sorted by the order they were installed


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