During the build up of these partwork models, we install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts and screws used in each model as we assemble them.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock builds and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

BttF DeLorean (Fanhome/Eaglemoss)159Completed12321365
Dodge Charger R/T (Fanhome/DeAgostini)110Completed689983
Eleanor Mustang (Fanhome/Eaglemoss)130Completed544597
Enterprise D (Fanhome/Eaglemoss)120Through Stage 11023281245
FDNY Ladder 9 (Agora Models/DeAgostini)79Completed631213
Ferrari LaFerrari (Agora Models/Hachette)100Through Stage 3215969
Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (Fanhome/Eaglemoss)140Completed12451698
Iron Man Armor (Fanhome/DeAgostini)120Through Stage 100522413
James Bond DB5 (Eaglemoss)86Completed261261
Knight Rider K.I.T.T. (Fanhome/DeAgostini)110Through Stage 100643848
Lamborghini Miura (Agora Models/Hachette)100Completed593250
Mercedes 300 SL (IXO Models/Eaglemoss)100Completed415517
Nissan GT-R (IXO Models/Eaglemoss)130Completed444663
Optimus Prime (Fanhome/DeAgostini)115Through Stage 023716
RMS Titanic (Agora Models/Hachette)140Through Stage 72897361
Star Wars Millennium Falcon (Fanhome/DeAgostini)100Though Issue 20379163
Star Wars R2-D2 (Fanhome/DeAgostini)100Completed693672
Terminator T-800 (Agora Models/Hachette)120Completed815411

4 thoughts on “THE PARTS”

  1. Excellent site wish I had found before I started. I am after 10 x 5mm x 2.6mm screws for the Aston Martin do you know best place I can get these from. Ive built the BTTF and nearly finished the Aston (which the instructions, screw numbering were appalling, I have loads of screws left but none the right size for the last bit!

  2. Hi there. Can you please tell me if any parts for the DeLorean are still available as i only started to build it a month or so ago and got to issue 11 only to find that one of the engine mounts are completely missing from the pack ?
    Any help would be much appreciated
    Kind Regards

    1. will soon be resuming the DeLorean partwork model and you can re-subscribe starting any any issue. As for single issues, your best bet is the many Facebook trading/marketplace groups, or as a last resort, eBay.

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