Wet Nellie Pre-Order!

Agora Models has recently announced their second big-scale model vehicle of their new James Bond Collection, the 1:8 scale Lotus Esprit Submersible from The Spy Who Loved Me!

‘Presented in its distinctive amphibious form, “Wet Nellie” is equipped with an array of gadgets including the ink spray jets, surface-to-air missiles, front-mounted torpedo launcher and limpet mine hatch.’

Lovingly nicknamed ‘Wet Nellie’ in reference to the ‘Little Nellie’ autogyro from You Only Live Twice, this monthly subscription build is now available for pre-order with shipping expected to begin in March 2024. You can sign up for this model at the following sites:

Agora US/Worldwide | Agora UK | Agora Germany | Agora Australia/NZ | Agora France | Agora Japan | Agora Italy | Agora Spain


  • Number of Parts: Approximately 500
  • Length: 56cm
  • Width: 29cm
  • Height: 15cm


  • Authentic Monaco White paint color
  • Detailed replica 907 4-cylinder engine
  • Pop-up headlights
  • Functioning brake lights and indicators
  • Badges
  • Four rear propellers with motorized spin
  • Rotating hydrofins
  • Front-mounted torpedo launcher hidden inside the nose, loaded with torpedoes and harpoons
  • Surface-to-air missile launcher
  • Defense jets concealed behind the rear number plate
    • Two smaller ink cloud jets
    • Two larger liquid cement sprayer
  • Limpet mine hatch with mine opens from underneath
  • Targeting periscope
  • Illuminated nautical control panel and radar
  • Removeable display stand

Collector’s Edition

  • Acrylic display case with black-painted wooden base
  • High-quality, official movie image print in the background
  • Bespoke display plinth for the Lotus Esprit
  • Movie-inspired terrain image under the car
  • Illuminated The Spy Who Loved Me logo
  • Illuminated Agora Models logo
  • Metal specification-plaque
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

I have been looking forward to the release of this 1:8 scale Lotus Esprit and I do plan on building it, along with the rest of the Agora Models James Bond Collection, at my newest build site: https://my007collection.com. If you are interested in this model, head on over to the appropriate Agora site for your region and sign up!

Agora US/Worldwide | Agora UK | Agora Germany | Agora Australia/NZ | Agora France | Agora Japan | Agora Italy | Agora Spain

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