Two Titanics Coming!

Not one, but TWO Titanic partwork build-up models are coming in the next few months. Eaglemoss and Hachette are both releasing different versions of the legendary ship that tragically sunk after hitting an iceberg on the night of April 14, 1912. I have collected some information on both models and wanted to share the differences.


UPDATE: Eaglemoss declared bankruptcy in July 2022. It is unknown if this partwork will become available again via another source.

  • February 2022 Launch
  • 1:250 scale (42.36 inches)
  • MDF and Wooden Deck/Slats/Hull
  • Brass, Die-cast metal, and plastic details
  • Highly-detailed Lifeboats
  • Unpainted
  • No paints supplied
  • Appears to have more rigging
  • Internal and Navigation Lights
  • Five Free Gifts
  • Completed in 144 Kits


  • December 2021 Launch
  • 1:200 scale (52.75 inches)
  • Metal Hull with a real Wood Deck
  • Fully Painted
  • Lighted
  • Removable Sections to view interior
  • Detailed Engine Room
  • Sound Effects
  • Smoke Effects
  • Remote Control shaped like the Bridge Telegraph
  • Motorized Propellers
  • Five Free Gifts
  • Completed in 140 Issues

(US) Sign up for your own Hachette 1:200 scale Titanic here!

(UK) Sign up for your own Hachette 1:200 scale Titanic here!


Based on the feature list and the larger size, I would like to build the Hachette model. For a while, the Hachette version of the Titanic was only available in the UK. However, as of May 2022, Agora Models has started selling the Hachette Titanic in the US. This led me to create yet another build site over at, so it is going to happen!

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