“Dead or alive, you are coming with me” – one of the many classic quotes of the favorite 1987 film RoboCop. Standing over two feet tall, this 1:3 scale RoboCop partwork build-up model is now available from Fanhome in the US, UK, and Germany!

Fanhome US | Fanhome UK | Fanhome Germany

  • Height: 24.4 inches (62 cm)
  • Fully articulated model
  • Made of metal and high-quality injection-molded ABS
  • With features that precisely reproduce those in the original film
  • Working thigh holster with removable pistol
  • Sound effects that reproduce original film phrases
  • Previously unreleased model
  • RoboCop model based on the 1987 film
  • Superbly realistic facial features created in silicone

Head on over to the following Fanhome sites page for more details!

Fanhome US | Fanhome UK | Fanhome Germany

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