3 thoughts on “Miura Stages 43-50”

  1. I only just found your site and builds. Kudos on amazing detail!

    I only have room for one or two 1:8 models, so I am trying to be careful on which ones I choose. Also, I am extremely impatient, as well as having a new disability that will only worsen over time (very similar to ALS). Because of the threat that I will continue to lose functionality of my hands in the coming years (no clue how fast), I am keen to complete models like these ASAP. The massive 1:8 scale obviously helps by things being larger and therefore easier to work on.

    Between the KITT model and the Miura, which do you feel is nicer quality? I kind of feel like the Miura seems higher end in the materials, but don’t have any in person reference. I *love* Knight Rider and KITT, but also believe I wouldn’t get all the parts until 24+ months from ordering (no option to speed things up from Fanhome). Also, from the pictures, the KITT interior looks less polished compared to the Miura. Thoughts there?

    I am torn between these two (would have LOVED to do the BttF DeLorean, but saw the debacle of Eaglemoss), and I believe my “second” model is going to be the VW Bus from DeAgostini… but that too is 25 months before I will have all parts.

    Actually, based on the fact that I love the Miura, believe it is superb quality, and I can get the entire kit (now) over a 7 month period, I am definitely getting the Miura. With that decided though, would still love your thoughts on the KITT model in terms of quality, etc.

    1. So far the detail on the Miura is top notch! However, I am halfway done with the Miura and only 18 stages into the KITT. There are some nice details on the Knight Rider dashboard and the paint has been really good, but the Miura has been just incredible so far. While no partwork I have ever built has been perfect, both of these have been a lot of fun to build.

  2. I would say the Miura and Agora should have an option to buy all 12 months early next year I’m thinking…so you can get it all in one shipment. They probably offer a 6 month purchase now if you reach out to them. Also, there are many small parts still, but take it slow and get the right tools.

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