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  1. FYI in case you’re still keeping track of these things…I know you’ve said delays with partworks are normal, and I defer to your superior experience on that, but I’m still getting increasingly concerned about Fanhome. I’m building 3 with them: DeLorean, Ecto, and Enterprise-D. The next DeLorean kit is currently 3 months late with an error message saying there’s a delay, Ecto is a month late with no explanation, and it looks like the Enterprise will be late as well. To make things more interesting, Fanhome’s website now lists the DeLorean and Enterprise as no longer available. According to Fanhome customer support’s facebook group, they’ve only stopped taking new orders and will still fulfill the existing ones, but the combination of barring new orders and having significant delays on every one of the builds I’m currently doing is increasing the “Eaglemoss all over again” alarms.

    1. The difference is that the global logistics are very different after Covid. With the current situation in the Red Sea, deliveries to UK/EU are going the long way around adding another 30 days. And, if a part needs to be ordered, it takes 90 days usually to manufacture it, ship it, receive it, etc. – even to the US west coast.

      I don’t think for a second Fanhome (or parent DeAgostini) is having financial troubles like Eaglemoss was. The mere fact that they are taking down some builds and showing others tells me that they don’t want to take new subs if they can’t fulfill them. Also, it makes financial sense to only have so many models shipping out at once. Shelf space at a third party logistics (3PL) center costs money. It takes a big machine to manage hundreds of SKUs representing the various stages of the models being sold and/or shipped. If anything, Fanhome is communicating more now than EM ever did.

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