Enterprise D Stages 59-62

It has been almost one year since Eaglemoss/HeroCollector went bankrupt and took our Enterprise D partwork build with them. Thankfully, Fanhome went out of their way to resume the subscriptions. Now that Enterprise D build has now officially gone live on Fanhome’s websites in the USAUK, and Germany, I am getting back to writing articles again on this site!

In our first stages back of our now-Fanhome Enterprise D, Stages 59-62, we assemble and install our first lower Deck Panels with lighting, complete our port Warp Nacelle, and begin work on the Battle Section!

Model Remodel Update: As I was building two Enterprise D partworks, over the last year off I took my main build and heavily modified it with my Model Remodel. Therefore, going forward, I will do my best in each stage article to present both stock and modified ways of how these models are built.

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