3 thoughts on “Enterprise D Stages 107-110”

  1. Hi, I know this comment is not on these stages. Just wanted to thank you for posting the video about the water slide decal. That was a HUGE help! Also, do you have any info or connections at Fanhome regarding their production/interest in selling the mirrored base? I have chatted into Fanhome (USA) multiple times, and their reps really do not have any info on it. I know very few people in the world have actually finished the Enterprise, but we are left to making our own stand/display for it. I can’t possibly put it on the tripod I got from Eaglemoss for many reasons lol. Thank you as always in advance!

    1. The last I heard from Fanhome directly was they are still working on the web shop. Not only will this have many of the ‘specials’ from the previously-EM builds, but also the premium stuff. They were hoping to have it up and running by this summer, but their IT department is a bit slow.

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