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IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not affiliated with PCT/IXO – I am just another builder like yourselves. I provide this information to help others.

The previous post I created to track the bankruptcy of Eaglemoss LTD was becoming quite long, so I have created this new post to share the latest information I have regarding the future of our builds. To summarize the earlier post, Premium & Collectibles Trading LTD (PCT) purchased the intellectual property (IP), customer databases, and multiple web domains for the Eaglemoss partwork build-up models right before they officially went into administration.

PCT owns many subsidiaries, including IXO Models (IXO). PCT/IXO is the company responsible for the manufacture of most of the Eaglemoss’ partworks, including the Back to the Future DeLorean, Ghostbusters Ecto-1, and U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D. Now, PCT/IXO owns the right to these products themselves and are working on reestablishing licensing and distribution to customers.

NOVEMBER 16, 2022

PCT/IXO told me today that the new website is currently undergoing final testing and should be available soon. They also said I will be priority informed as soon as it goes live. I will of course share those details here and on the Partwork Central Facebook groups ASAP.

NOVEMBER 6, 2022

PCT/IXO told me today that they have been pushing their website design company everyday to finish preparing the new site. It is expected to be online in a few more days.

OCTOBER 29, 2022

Ben Robinson (@BenCSRobison) tweeted a few nuggets of information today regarding both our partworks and the Starship Collections:

OCTOBER 26, 2022

PCT/IXO has said that they should have a dedicated website online very soon to allow customers to order their missing/remaining parts for many of the Eaglemoss partwork builds. They expect it to be available either the end of this week or early next week. I am also hearing that a toll-free number is being setup to take questions/orders, as well as an option to order all of the needed parts in a single purchase or as monthly deliveries. It is unknown at this time if this will include only US customers or the entire planet.

OCTOBER 12, 2022

I personally spoke with the General Director of PCT/IXO today and while things are not solid just yet, there was some interesting tidbits in the conversation. This situation is constantly changing on a weekly basis, but generally has been moving towards a good outcome. The survey from IXO I have linked below has received over 2,500 responses which is fantastic on everyone’s part. However, they want to address each customer directly so it will take a bit of time to get through them all. By the way, if you ran out of room on the form for all of your partwork builds, they recommend using another Google account to complete a second form with the same contact information.

There were some people asking if the price for the parts would be cheaper with Eaglemoss out of the picture, however given the current global shipping and general cost increases, this is likely not possible.

The re-licensing of each partwork model is still ongoing and all of the manufacturers (not just PCT) are eager to restart production of the models. However, since Eaglemoss stopped sending orders back in November 2021, it has been 10+ months since these parts were made. It will take time to get the lines up and running again.

It is possible that some partworks will not be resumed for financial, stock, or licensing reasons, but it is too early to tell. Rest assured though, they are working hard to overcome the various legal, industrial, and shipping hurdles standing between us and completing our builds.

Finally, something I found interesting is that many of the licensor/publishers are focused on resuming service here in the United States first. I really thought the European market would be the priority, so this took me by surprise. I have a feeling that this may be because most of them are based in the US. Either way, I do feel we are slowing inching closer to a positive result after the downfall of Eaglemoss back in July. It may take until early next year, but be patient and be hopeful. We will get there!

OCTOBER 1, 2022

Ben Robinson (@BenCSRobinson), former Director at Eaglemoss, dropped a vague tweet today hinting at October being a ‘good month’ for Eaglemoss products:

SEPTEMBER 28, 2022

Today, the IXO marketing department sent an email to a small group of Eaglemoss partwork customers:

I spoke to PCT/IXO about it and I wanted to add some additional context. Today’s batch run was limited in scope so they could test their system. Therefore, not every customer received it. Larger batches of these emails should go out to customers shortly.

Included with this email is a link to an online Google Form containing a short survey. I have shared this link below with permission from PCT/IXO. They invite any previous Eaglemoss customer with unfinished partwork model builds to complete the survey via this link, regardless if you receive the email above or not.


TIP: Since the survey is presented via Google Forms, you will need a valid Google account to complete it. One survey submission per account.

The survey asks for your name, address, country, which partwork models you were building, the respective Eaglemoss account numbers, and which was the last issue/stage received for each model.   As for what will be the outcome of this data collection, PCT/IXO said:

“Customers will be able to order the parts for the issues they miss. Details will be sent shortly.”

I do want to mention that this email does not confirm that PCT/IXO has secured the required licensing/distribution in the US just yet. I did indeed receive this email in the US, but emails are international. I am awaiting further information from PCT/IXO.

FURTHER UPDATE: PCT/IXO has just confirmed a couple things: First, the solution they are working on for us includes the global market, not just the UK. So, if you haven’t yet, I suggest completing the survey. Second, build instructions *will* be included for the supplied parts.

55 thoughts on “Eaglemoss Update”

  1. Thank you for the update!

    Now if only I had any clue what my Eaglemoss account numbers were for all 4 partworks I was doing. Those emails are likely long gone, and I’m guessing I’m far from the only one who doesn’t have that information.

    1. You guys dont save at least one paperwork (invoice) that came with the parts kit when recieved. Your customer number will suffice as the account number.

  2. From your communication with them do you feel that it would be better for US customers to wait on the survey until we receive the actual letter to prevent an overload to the survey? or, would it give them more incentive to push for the US rights? — Thank you

    1. Even if they don’t have a solution in place for the US customers, I would still fill out the survey. I think the ‘test their systems’ was testing the email sending system – Google Forms can handle way more than all of us can throw at it. The more information PCT/IXO receives about the waiting customers and where they are at in their builds, regardless of country, the more they will be work with to make it all happen.

  3. I received and email that said in part We are in the process of collecting information in order to allow you to continue your build ( even if you are based in the US) and you will be soon informed about the procedures

  4. Do you know when PCT/IXO will accept new orders from prior Eaglemoss customers? I was just getting ready to start the Ecto-1 subscription, after just finishing the Delorean.

    1. No idea just yet. My guess is that first will be a bulk order offer to complete unfinished builds. Then, perhaps a issue by issue purchase option. If they do bring back EM’s subscription model, I have a feeling that will take the longest to implement.

      1. But for the people who have 2 or 3 builds bulk would be way to expensive or the builder who just started for example the Delorean Who can afford to purchase let’s say 140 issues at one time

        1. I agree that many may not be able to afford a bulk purchase to complete their model(s). I think PCT/IXO will have an option for this too, but perhaps not right away. We just don’t know yet.

          1. I agree the key word is survey there is probably no plan in place . At this point they don’t even have and idea what’s out there .Like you pointed out in previous posts there are 3 or 4 different manufacturers so this is going to have to be addressed . Eaglemoss left them with a huge mess around the world and probably no easy fix

        2. I agree. I’m at Issue 6 – no way can I afford to purchase 124-125 issues all at once. We’ll see what they come up with initially and go from there. But I am prepared to cut my losses and move on.

  5. Hello Marvel,
    Definitely all of us in the community are indebted to you.
    Dude, you’re the man.
    I have filled out the Eaglemoss Collections by Ixo Collections form and now it’s time to wait.
    But this is definitely the news we’ve all been waiting for.
    I’m in Spain, if you need anything just let me know.
    Thank you very much for all your work.

  6. thanks for the update bud. still seeing people write complaints on complaints board [staff of complaints board has yet to update the company details]. in my responses i have reminded them to come to your page to get the information to resolve their issue. keep up the work in keeping us informed.

  7. I can’t thank you enough for the information your providing. You’ve turned my despair into hope.
    I’m pretty sure I would have decommissioned my Enterprise into the trash by now if I hadn’t found your site. Keep the info coming and have a great day.

  8. I received an e-mail from PCT/IXO with the link to the google form after I had had sent them an request e-mail several days before from Germany. So it seems to happen internationally and probably will go on…

    Hope for the best and thanks for keeping us informed MarvelPhx.

  9. Thank you MarvelPhx for sharing this info. I have had 2 emails asking me to complete the survey for my Ecto 1. Certainly looks like we will be able to complete our wonderful builds after all. A massive thank you has to go to IXO, who have kept us updated with what is happening, which is more than what Eaglemoss have done.

  10. Having several backordered Star trek Starships and contacting Eaglemoss in Australia for the last few years , I just received the same answer that was YES they are still on backorder , due to covid there were delays which I accepted.
    However they were still taking money from my account and saying I would receive the latest SPECIAL edition just a few months ago.
    I think Australia has been forgotten.

  11. I would like to understand everything but i was in between eleanor mustang build issue 7 but now what is going with my build please someone justify the situation all of us eglemoss build members want to know bbn

  12. I am trying to build the Ghostbusters Ecto- 1. My last shipment was for issue 4, and the next shipment was the proton packs. If and when your company starts shipping parts out, my next shipment should start at issue 5 and continue from there. Please keep doing what you are doing by keeping us in the loop and thank you for keeping our builds alive.

  13. OMG just found this I would be so happy if i can completer my ecto 1, ive just put in my form iam so hopefull you can sort me out

  14. I just want to remind everyone that I am not affiliated with PCT/IXO. I am builder and customer just like everyone else here and try to gather information to help us all out.

    1. Why did they not send out this link to customers with partial builds? Seems like they don’t have a listing of customers emails or there is issues. I had to come here to find out about any updates. Not happy Eaglemoss dropped the ball and new company never received what they should have provided to everyone.

      1. Privacy laws. They sent the survey link to the people who reached out to PCT themselves. Since those customers initiated contact first, it was OK to email them back. That is why myself and others have been sharing the link as wide as possible. They can’t just start emailing everyone on the customer lists they bought from Eaglemoss. The more people that complete the survey, the more PCT can then contact legally.

  15. Yes I filled out all the information for the build I’m doing the Ecto-1. The last issue I received from eaglemoss was issue 28. I was supposed to receive issue 29 but then the bankruptcy happened. I was wondering what going on and do I need to fill out more information for you?

    1. I am not IXO, just another customer like yourself. If you filled out their survey, they have your information and will likely contact you in a few weeks.

      1. Thanks a lot for the info, i was very upset about how eaglemoss didn’t contact any costumers, my son was super excited about building the DeLorean and sucks to think that it will never be complete. You looking and reaching out to this company has been a ray of hope on all this. Thank u again

  16. Thank you so much! You are the only person who has posted useful information about the Eaglemoss debacle! I’m in the midst of the Enterprise build, and you have genuinely made a positive difference in my life.

    1. Yes, but I was hesitant to put it up. Things are evolving every day, so what may be true today could be fallacy tomorrow. In either case, I had added what I know to this page.

  17. Am curious regarding if you will have to pay for the missing parts. I was literally two parts/issues away from the Ecto-1 being finished, paid premium subscription and yearly. So in theory I’ve already paid for these. Will be disappointing if I have to pay again. Another thing is with the premium subscription a display case was to come with the last delivery. So again, will be curious to see if that will still be available to us.

    1. Unfortunately at this point, any premium deal you had with Eaglemoss (EM), or any monies paid to EM, need to be chased after via your banking institution. PCT/IXO is in no way responsible for monies/parts owed by EM. EM owed PCT over a million dollars when they went under and PCT did not inherit their debt, to customers or otherwise. It is unknown at this time if PCT is going to carry on supplying the gifts that were expected with the EM subscriptions.

  18. “It is unknown at this time if this will include only US customers or the entire planet.”
    Wonderful…This is so frustrating.

  19. Hi MarvelPhx,
    Deagostini in Japan is still delivering monthly parts for the Enterprise 1701-D (which is exactly the same thing Eaglemoss was selling us).
    Right now they are on magazine 18, parts 67 to 70.
    Do you have any idea who the manufacturer is?

  20. You can see the Japanese Deagostini site here: https://deagostini.jp/sed/. There is even a link to the PDFs of the magazines up to issues 67-70. Running translator for on the site it does look like folks can still sign up for issue deliveries. Seems like they might have sorted out the issues in Japan already.

    1. Hello James,
      In Japan they never had any problems (as far as I know).
      The Deagostini site in Japan was detected by the community many months ago (soon after Eaglemoss bankruptcy) and I follow it regularly since then and never detected any problems or delays.
      That’s why I was asking if it is known who is the manufacturer of the parts.

      1. PCT/IXO makes the DeLorean parts. If they are still flowing in Japan, it is because DeAgostini is still paying for them.

  21. This is great, thank you! I have your website bookmarked and check it daily for updates! I am on issue 82 of the Enterprise and had only built through 60 because I was so sad over the Eaglemoss news. This has me super excited again and I just finished my unbuild issues. At issue 82, I am SOOOO excited to finish it, and it looks awesome. I am ready to go for whatever they want for the Enterprise parts. I am happy to do monthly or a pay in full for the rest of the kit at once. Thank you again MarvelPhx for keeping us updated!

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