Eaglemoss Update

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not affiliated with PCT/IXO, Eaglemoss, or Fanhome – I am just another builder like yourselves. I provide this information to help others.

The previous post I created to track the bankruptcy of Eaglemoss LTD was becoming quite long, so I have created this new post to share the latest information I have regarding the future of our builds. To summarize the earlier post, Premium & Collectibles Trading LTD (PCT) purchased the intellectual property (IP), customer databases, and multiple web domains for many of the Eaglemoss partwork build-up models right before they officially went into administration.

PCT owns many subsidiaries, including IXO Models (IXO). PCT/IXO is the company responsible for the manufacture of most of the Eaglemoss’ partworks, including the Back to the Future DeLorean, Ghostbusters Ecto-1, and U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D. PCT/IXO even purchased some of the customer database. Now, Fanhome and IXO have both stepped up to resume distribution of many of the old Eaglemoss partwork builds.

JULY 17, 2023

As per their promise, the relaunch of the final two ex-Eaglemoss builds (Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D) is now live at Fanhome’s website and shipping begins as early as today. Here is the latest update from BAC @ Fanhome with additional details:

Todays the day!


What a difference a year makes, almost to the day after the pervious company folded, we are now finally at the end of the road and the last two collections are going live. Just a quick note to give a rough guide of what will happen today and over the next few weeks. Both collections will be going live today but this does not mean your order will be processed today, we will release orders in batches as not to flood the system but also to check for any errors or bugs (you can never be careful).


While we only have two collections going live, we have two types of customers for each collection based across three countries:
· Returning customers – those builders needing to complete the model.
· New builders – welcome to the FanHome club 😊
So, in real terms we have 6 mini launches to manage, hence why we release in batches. The goal is to have all accounts live within 2 days (UNLESS something major goes wrong, but nothing did with the last two collections and we are copying the same principle).


Once your account is live the payment process is started – we will request the full amount from your card or payment provider. Depending on if this request is authorised, we can than send your dispatch order to the local warehouse for picking and packing. Please note some providers return times are not always instant but normally within a few hours.


Next the orders will be sent for dispatch, this is where we will most definitely see some delays (no point in sugar coating it) in picking and packing than normal, with a new launch normally the staff will work from one position in the warehouse as everyone starts on the same issue aka stage 1!


The nature of these collections is that we have customers starting from stage 1 upwards. Staff will need to move around more frequently from different locations which all takes time. The warehouse team leaders are making sure we have all staff are on hand and available for the next several weeks.


Customers in the UK also bear in mind that our parcels are shipped from mainland Europe so will take up to 18 days to reach you once the parcel has (as Elvis would say) left the building. We use Royal mail to deliver our parcels in the UK and we are not able to provide tracking as the parcel needs to cross the border and change hands to the new courier. Therefore, taking all into account parcels will not start reaching customers for at least 2-3 weeks at the earliest. We ask for your patience, check your portal weekly for the most recent updates on your order/parcel.


A small request, please do not call our support team to ask for delivery updates they can only provide the same information as shown in the portal. Of course, contact our team if you have any questions e.g. payment/methods/declines/returns/missing items etc.


There is over 7k orders to be handed today hence the update above to give you some understanding of the project at hand. Yup the collections are live, but the real work starts TODAY!

MAY 25, 2023

A new update from Fanhome regarding how long ex-Eaglemoss subscribers in the US/UK/DE will be able to sign up for:

Wanted to let you know that we will be closing the collections for returning builders later this year for UK/USA/DE, the earliest that it may possible happen will be in September and latest would-be December (2023).


If you have not already signed up, please keep an eye out for future posts as I will give notice before we close that option. This needs to happen so we can launch these collections in other countries and allow returning builders also to select which stage to start from for this collection.


If you do have another collection already running and do not wish to have two running at the same time, I would suggest signing up once the closure date is confirmed and ask customer service to suspend your shipments – please ask the agent for more details on this option when you speak to them. (max suspend time is 3 months)


Just to confirm NO closure date is set yet for returning customers, once confirmed I will share in the group.

MAY 22, 2023

A new update from BAC @ Fanhome regarding deliveries to countries other than US, UK, and DE:

I wanted to pass on some much-awaited news for any builder located in country which is not yet open for ordering any of the four collections we are now running after the closure of Eaglemoss.


We will shortly start planning the launch for all countries that we currently ship too, to go live in 2024 as a live collection (no date confirmed yet) and I will keep you updated as the time passes when dates are confirmed.


Why 2024? – we need time to produce the stock, print supporting documentation and ship to the required warehouses etc.


France is already on notify me for some of the collections and Italy will follow suit during July (so keep an eye out for that) with further countries being added as time goes by.


Thank you for your patience while we “cleaned up” the situation, agreeing licenses, locating & counting the stock and re-started the production lines just to name a few of the major hurdles we had to overcome.

MAY 17, 2023

A quick update from BAC regarding the current shipping situation for Fanhome deliveries:

We have been investigating the current situation on the status of these collections (Mustang/DeLorean) and have an update below:


EU – All shipments are processing without any delays and parcels are being dispatched ASAP


USA – We are behind around 900 parcels currently due to the high demand for these collections, we have put in place last week countermeasures which will ensure we have all backlogged items dispatched by the end of this week.


I apologize to our US customers who have been affected and while its no excuse please keep in mind that with an normal collection all subscribers would start at stage 1 and this stock would be in one location. With these collections we have a high level of customers starting at all different stages meaning staff needing to be in different locations in the warehouse, locate the correct parts etc.


We are learning each day on how to improve the packing process, as a company we have never re-launched a collection that was dropped during shipping.
If you have been informed via email that your delay is due to out of stock items – we are expecting the first wave to reach our warehouses end of this month so we can start your shipping in the next run for those we have stock.


Thank you all for your understanding and support.

MAY 11, 2023

IXO has provided some information and clarification regarding the discount codes that are available to ex-Eaglemoss customers who were building the Nissan GT-R and/or Willys MB Jeep. These codes are one-time use only and require an Eaglemoss customer number to validate. They will reduce the cost of the full kits to cover the issues you already have:

To have your personal code that can only be used once, you must first register on the IXOcollections site: https://www.ixocollections.com/en/.


Then, you write to support@ixo-collections.fr with the same email address as when you registered, giving your old Eaglemoss subscriber number for this collection and the last number received. IXOcollections will give you a discount code on the complete kit to be able to finish your collection.


ATTENTION: This is a personal code for former subscribers and not a promotional code to buy this kit.

MAY 2, 2023

Fanhome has now opened up the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 for pre-order and re-subscribing. This means that all four ex-Eaglemoss partwork models that Fanhome picked up are now available in the US/UK/DE, including the DeLorean, Eleanor, and Enterprise D. If you are continuing an existing build, be sure to scroll down to the Continue My Subscription button to select the issue you want to start from.

At this point, I consider the updates to this particular page complete. If any other Eaglemoss builds show up again, I will create a new post.

APRIL 27, 2023

We now have word that the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 will open up for pre-order and re-subscribing on May 2nd. The shipping start date is tentatively set for July 17th of this year – same as the Enterprise D.

APRIL 26, 2023

As promised, Fanhome has now opened the Build the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D (US) partwork build for re-subscribing (previous Eaglemoss customers) and for pre-order (new customers)  – these options are different buttons on the website. The shipping start date is tentatively set for July 17th of this year.

NOTE: There may be an issue seeing the pop-out menu when using a device with a small screen width (such as a mobile phone or tablet in portrait orientation). I recommend using a desktop or laptop computer with a large screen. This errant behavior is being investigated by their IT team.

The other country links for starting, or continuing, this model are:

APRIL 24, 2023

BAC from Fanhome has provided another nicely detailed update:

As you may have seen we have sent out the promised emails with an update for both collections (Eleanor and DeLorean) on Friday to confirm the go live date was moved from the 24th to the 26th of April for builders in the USA/UK & DE.


On the 26th we will be releasing the collections one at a time to make sure there are no issues or bugs, payment requests will happen automatically, and you can keep track of your order via our friendly customer portal. If you don’t see a payment request on the 26th please do not be concerned as it may take a day or two to show on your payment method.


Eleanor update
Some good news to start with, we have no returning customers who will be affected with any out of stocks issues when this collection goes live on Wednesday. Some customers (34 in total) in the USA who are due issue 9 will receive a plain disc brake, however later issues will have the upgraded drilled versions. We will be offering a replacement part for this item and will update you once confirmed how to request it. This action was taken as we did not want to hold up anyone’s build for this one part. All other disc brakes have been upgraded and issue 9 will also be upgraded in a future production run. We are also shipping to USA packets of four upgraded disc brakes for any retuning customers who have not yet upgraded and will provide more details once available on how to claim them. (UK/USA and DE)


DeLorean update
We have been working hard to full any gaps in the collection both in EU and the USA unfortunately we still have some gaps which will mean some customers will not go live on the 26th (211 customers in total 207 in the USA and the rest either in DE or UK). We have stock inbound to fill these gaps which have an ETA of 3 to 4 weeks, so anyone affected will only have a short wait before we start processing your first shipment. On the 26th we will email anyone who is affected and provide further information on when you can expect to see your first shipment.


Enterprise update
I am pleased to say that also on the 26th of April apart from the two collections going live, we will also open our webpages for pre-orders for the Enterprise-D collection for USA/UK & DE, with a go live launch date for mid-July (around the 17th). We need to produce more stock and print magazines as we now have a full picture of stock amounts around the globe and need to top up the stock as required.


Ecto-1 update
I am also hopeful that the Ecto-1 will also open for pre-orders on the 26th of April for USA/UK & DE at the same time. We need to have sign off from the copyright owners beforehand and our marketing team are activity working with them to get this done in time. If we do have a delay, it will only be a couple of days.


You will be able to select your starting point in the collection and pre-orders will be standard subscription only for returning customers. Any special/premium items (cases, stands, proton packs etc.) will be offered to all builders (new or returning) later this year, our goal at the moment is to focus on launching the collections. We look forward to welcoming new builders to the Fanhome family!

APRIL 17, 2023

A quick update from Fanhome today:

Just a very quick update to say that we need to push back the go live of the Mustang and DeLorean by 48 hours.


This means the go live date is now the 26th of April instead of the 24th. We will be emailing all customers with a pre-order a full update later this week and on the 26th any customer who is affected by missing stock/mags we will also email to provide an ETA on when we can start your shipments.


The reason for this short delay is that 24th and 25th of April are public holidays in Italy and we don’t want to go live with new collections when most of the company is out of the [office] just in-case anything did not work as expected on the day.


For the other two collections (Ecto-1 and Enterprise-D) we are just waiting for the copyright owners to sign off the websites, when they do we can go live to place your pre-orders. The earliest will be the 26thof April and I will know more nearer the time and will keep you all posted if anything changes.

APRIL 12, 2023

BAC from Fanhome has provided an new update on their builds:

Good Morning/Afternoon,


Sorry I have not been providing updates of late, this is due to the company asking me to run the governance of this project and help bring these collections to market ASAP.


Without going into loads of details this project has been a minefield of misinformation, red tape, stock woes and missing data. For example, over 200k items were missing in the USA alone which needed to be produced/printed and shipped and that has been going on in the background and now we are pleased to be able to give some firm dates. The team have taken the time to root out all these issues and now we feel confident to start with some good news:


  • On the 24th of April both Ecto-1 and Enterprise-D will go to pre-order (USA/UK/DE) with a stock release date of July. If you have registered your interest in either of these collections, you will be contacted by email to pre-order and you can select which stage to start from.
  • Also, on the 24th of April date we will go LIVE with the DeLorean and Mustang collections as promised for USA/UK/DE, there is nothing you need to do. Once the collection goes live the payment/packing and shipping process will start automatically and you can keep track of your 1st parcel via your portal.
  • We do have some very small gaps in the stock which will affect around 100 returning customers, the good news is that the stock is due early May so there will only be a short delay for those affected. We have tried everything possible to reduce any gaps in these collections by moving stock and producing more however the reality is there has been some hurdles with missing data/specs etc.
I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding while we had to work though this process but there is light at the end of this tunnel, and we look very much forward to welcoming you all to Fanhome family.



FEBRUARY 3, 2023

BAC from Fanhome has provided an update on their builds:

Following on from my last update I do have some further information to share on the status of these four collections:


· Why have you pushed back of the dates for the release of the DeLorean and Mustang Eleanor?
· It’s down to stock – when we have finished unpacking/counting inventory from Eaglemoss it became very clear that we have gaps in the inventory that we were not expecting. It was hoped this stock was misplaced or still in compounded but that was not the case. We had to make the hard choice to postpone ☹The last thing we wanted was to go live and then have shipping delays due to lack of stock which we believed was available. Stock has been ordered from China and will be fast tracked to our warehouses so we can go live as promised for those three countries ASAP, we may go live sooner with some collections as we have been able to share stock across some of the warehouses, if this happens, we will email everyone who has pre-ordered.


· Why I receive the free gifts with my collection?
· I can confirm we do have the free gifts (some limited stock) and hope to be able to offer them in the same sequence as you expected from Eaglemoss HOWEVER we do not currently have sign off to provide them from the licensors. We are working to make this happen but no promises, please keep in mind that the legal agreement between Eaglemoss and the licensors ceased when the company closed. We have had to make new agreements with each party, and these are not always the same as before. So gifts may change, order may change etc.


· When can I pre-order either the Ecto-1 or Enterprise-D?
· We hope to be able to open for pre-orders for both these collections at the end of Feb (this is subject to change) but is our goal that the teams are working towards currently.


· Eaglemoss made a production error for the Ecto-1 in issue 91 (door) and promised to resupply the correct part in stage 107, will you be honouring that promise?
· We are aware of this production mistake and are looking into if the replacement piece was produced and its location, if the replacement item was produced, we will of course offer that to all customers. Until we have confirmation either way, please allow us the time to investigate.


· Eaglemoss made a production error for the Mustang Eleanor and supplied the wrong disc brake pads, they promised to resupply the correct part in the last shipment, will you be honouring that promise?
· We are aware of this production mistake and are looking into if the replacement piece was produced and its location, if the replacement item was produced, we will of course offer that to all customers. Until we have confirmation either way, please allow us the time to investigate.


· Why are you not shipping to countries other than the ones listed on your websites?
· When we purchased the stock from Eaglemoss, it became very clear very quickly that there was not enough stock for all countries to launch at the same time. The company reviewed the subscription numbers vs countries, the decision was made to launch with the three biggest markets first, that being UK/USA/DE. More stock has been ordered from China and once this has been produced and reaches our warehouses, we will start to offer these to further countries in the EU. (NO list has been agreed and no ETA yet so please don’t ask 😊) also it is dependent if the license covers that territory. I can only request your patience at this time.


The above is the currently status and NOT a promise that any of this will happen, there are so many factors at play, some out of our control.
Fanhome/DeAg is a separate company and are under NO obligation to provide the same service agreements that may have existed in the past. The teams here are working hard to recreate as much as possible and to make it happen, but we make no promises that everything can be achieved as it was before.


On that note I wish you all a nice weekend.



JANUARY 31, 2023

Another message from BAC Compton at Fanhome:

Good morning,
I am sorry to say that the planned launch/update for today on all the collections has been postponed, now there is a lot going on behind the scenes and not all goals have been achieved on time. Which is super frustrating!!! When I can provide a further update I will but for now please bear with us, we want to get this right from the start so a little more time is needed.

JANUARY 30, 2023

First, I noticed the shipping start dates on the Fanhome website for the DeLorean and Eleanor have changed to April 23, 2023.

Second, BAC Compton from Fanhome has released some new information today:

Greetings all,

Wanted to let you know the current plan for tomorrow (31stJan) in relation to the four collections taken on from Eaglemoss.

DeLorean UK and Germany – Pre-order will switch to LIVE tomorrow, so please make sure the funds are available as we will start the payment collection and dispatch within a couple of days. This stunning collection will be opening for new customers as well. We are only going to be offering a standard sub to start with, when premium is ready (still working with the licensor on some aspects of the collection) we will let any new customers know how to upgrade.

DeLorean USA – No change for now, this will be pre-order only until further notice. As you may remember the last company changed warehouses a few times and the mess of that still needs to be “cleaned up” as stock is all mixed up, no records on stock levels etc.

Mustang Eleanor – For all three countries this collection will still be kept as pre-order for now.

The exciting news is that tomorrow both Enterprise-D and Ecto-1 will be opened for pre-order for UK/USA/DE customers only.

Dates on when we start deliveries for these three collections has not yet been confirmed.

Some good news and movement (the above may change so please read this as guidance only at time of posting).

Below are some of the most FAQ we are getting at the centre, so sharing here to help everyone:

Is there any guarantee I’ll be able to complete my build-up model?

At Fanhome, we have the official licenses, so we are committed to providing you with every single delivery, from the first to the last, no matter which one you start with.

Can I pick back up from my last issue?

You’ll be able to choose where to start off from in the collection based on your last shipment.

Why do I have to sign up again?

Fanhome (part of the DeAgostini family) purchased the stock and license for each of these collections only, so we’ll need you to sign up again as we do not have the customer base for anyone in the UK/EU.

I had a pre-paid plan with Eaglemoss, can I carry that on?

Unfortunately, no. If you’ve paid for any undelivered issues/stages, please contact your payment provider for further advice. We can’t advise on how to reclaim any money already paid to Eaglemoss For further advice please contact your card/account provider.

Eaglemoss charged me for some issues that were never shipped, can you ship them for me free of charge?

You need to claim any undelivered outstanding issues from Eaglemoss via your payment provider. We recommend you sign up for your build via our website and choose your starting point.

I opted in for the extension (for the DeLorean or Mustang Eleanor), will you be offering this option as well?

We’ll be offering the extension to those builders who have either completed or nearly completed the build and wish to carry on.

I’m owed a free item that Eaglemoss never sent, can you send it to me?

Sadly, we won’t be able to ship any free items after your starting issue.

I am owed a special item that Eaglemoss never dispatched, can you send it to me?

Unfortunately, no. If you’ve paid for any undelivered special items, please contact your payment provider for further advice. We can’t advise on how to reclaim any money already paid to Eaglemoss.

Will you be offering any special items with this collection?

Good news — we’ll be offering special items with this collection as a one-time purchase! Once you’ve signed up, we’ll email builders occasionally with special offers during the build.

Have you made any changes to the production of these models?

Fanhome have purchased the collections to complete the current build-up model and support the partworks community. No changes have been made to the running order or production of the parts.

Can I fast-track to catch up on my build-up?

We hope to be offering this service soon. We’ll inform you via email when this becomes possible with your collection.

Can I buy all the issues I need in one go?

We are only offering a monthly subscription plan for these collections currently.

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can sign up for this collection with your Visa or Mastercard, and we also accept payments via PayPal.

Will you pick up my Direct Debit (UK) instruction from Eaglemoss?

We can’t carry on the instruction, so we recommend you cancel the current Direct Debit from Eaglemoss. We’ll set up a new payment plan.

Can I skip issues that I may have already received?

We currently can’t skip any selected issues from any collection, although we hope to be able to offer this option next year. We’ll inform all customers once this option becomes available.

I’ve lost/broken an item/piece, can I purchase a one-off issue?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer one-off purchases for a selected issue number, although we hope to offer this option in the future.

Can I pause the subscription?

Yes, you can pause the subscription for up to two months max at a time.

What are special issues?

We’ve created and selected several special items (scale models, exclusively commissioned art prints, collector items, etc.) to complement your collection. You’ll receive details and prices in advance so you can tell us if you don’t wish to receive these.

JANUARY 18, 2023

A few things to update regarding the Fanhome builds, as of today and subject to change:

  • If you signed up to ‘Notify Me’ with the Enterprise D or Ecto-1, you should almost immediately receive a confirmation email from Fanhome. If not, make sure you are not using autofill or pasting your email address in. To reduce spam bots, a validation script on their site blocks these actions (even though it looks like it goes through). Just type your email in manually and click the ‘Notify Me’ button.
  • The DeLorean is now available for pre-order from any stage, including from Stage 1 for new customers.
  • The Eleanor is available for renewing subscriptions immediately from package #2 on (part Kits 3+) for ex-Eaglemoss customers.
  • The Ecto-1 is awaiting finalization of inventories and is in Notify Me status, expected to start taking subscriptions by Jan 31st.
  • The Enterprise D is awaiting finalization of inventories and is in Notify Me status, expected to start taking subscriptions by Jan 31st.
  • All four models could begin shipping as early as January 31st in the UK/Germany and March 15th in the USA.

JANUARY 16, 2023

BAC Compton from Fanhome has provided new information related to the builds, summarized here:

  • Just a quick update to let you know that we plan to open the Enterprise-D and Ecto-1 for pre orders on January 31st. Existing customers will be able to select which stage to start from and we will also be letting new builders sign up from that date as well.
  • New customers wishing to sign up to the Mustang Eleanor will be able to by January 31st (may be sooner) and will start from stage one.
  • For the DeLorean we will be welcoming new customers to pre-order this week (possibly as early as tomorrow).
  • Shipping for all four collections will start from March 15th in the USA and from January 31st in the UK/Germany.
  • These are the dates we are working towards on our timeline and may be subject to change at any point between now and then, but this will give you a rough estimate.
  • We have been asked if we will be supplying the binders for these collections – currently we are still waiting on confirmation on if and how these will be offered.
  • Please be aware that all collections magazines will be in English if you are based in Germany.
  • We do plan to offer the premium items and specials for each of the collections. These will be available as a one time purchase option at some point later this year. No further details are available, but we will email everyone when ready.


JANUARY 15, 2023

I have heard unconfirmed information that the four partwork builds that Fanhome picked up may soon be available in four additional countries: Italy, Belgium, France, and Spain. These will likely be released under the DeAgostini or Altaya brands. No word yet on any other locations.

JANUARY 12, 2023


Exactly 7 months since Eaglemoss went silent on us, PCT/IXO and Fanhome worked together tirelessly to revive many of our partworks and finally the sites in the post below are now LIVE! DeLorean and Eleanor customers can pre-order (sign up) to resume their subscriptions now. Ecto-1 and Enterprise D customers can request notification of when they will be ready to start shipping. Again, the links are in the IXO email below.

JANUARY 11, 2023

A member of Fanhome clarified a few things regarding their involvement with resuming the partwork models from PCT/IXO:

  • First, please be patient. There is no need to flood the websites or contact Fanhome customer support at this time.
  • The links provided by PCT/IXO are correct, but were released early. The sites should go live today or tomorrow, no password needed.
  • These links are specifically for ex-Eaglemoss customers to get early access to the parts needed to finish our models.
  • These sites will allow us to either “pre-order” or sign up for notifications when the models are ready to start shipping.
  • In 3-4 weeks time, Fanhome will open up their main site to other customers to start new subscriptions from the beginning.
  • Fanhome currently can only ship to the UK/US/Germany. Other countries may be added at a later time (likely a licensing limitation).
  • Eaglemoss account numbers are not required, just which Issue we want to start our new subscription from.
  • Fanhome cannot replace any damaged/missing issues from Eaglemoss. We would need to start our subscription at that issue.
  • Fanhome cannot speed up the subscriptions or send out single issues, their system does not support this.
  • Each monthly shipment will contain four stages of parts, except for the DeLorean which will contain five.
  • Each individual stage will cost £10.99/$13.99 plus £1/$2.40 shipping + handling.
  • These issues will be shipped via the same couriers Fanhome already uses in each country.

The information is coming fast, I will try my best to keep up!

JANUARY 10, 2023

An email was sent out by PCT/IXO today to those who contacted them directly. It originally included links to what appears to be Salesforce-based QA preview sites. A few days later, the real links were released so I have modified this email with the correct URLs:

After we acquired some of the assets of EAGLEMOSS LTD., following their bankruptcy, our priority was to allow the collectors, caught by surprise by the termination of their activity, to be able to finish their model

Since August, you have been thousands to reply us through a dedicated Google Form and allow us to collect all the necessary information about your collection(s)

In parallel, we have been in contact with forwarders, in order to unblock all containers shipped to Eaglemoss since January 2022, and awaiting in different ports all over the world. We also took time to produce all the missing parts to allow you to finish your collection and, last but not the least, we have also been in contact with licensors and publishers involved in these collections, in order to find the best way forward.

All this unfortunately took some time, and we do apologize to have been keeping you waiting so long.

Taking into consideration the different needs of all involved parties and some contractual restrictions, but in order to proceed as quickly as possible with the restart of the shipments, we would like to inform you that, from January 11th, you should contact the following links:

DELOREAN UK : https://fanhome.com/uk/movie-series/delorean-1-8
DELOREAN GERMANY : https://fanhome.com/de/movie-series/delorean-1-8
DELOREAN USA : https://fanhome.com/us/movie-series/delorean-1-8

STAR TREK UK : https://fanhome.com/uk/movie-series/star-trek-model-kit
STAR TREK GERMANY : https://fanhome.com/de/filmreihe/star-trek-modellbausatz
STAR TREK USA : https://fanhome.com/us/movie-series/star-trek-model-kit

GHOSTBUSTERS UK: https://fanhome.com/uk/movie-series/ecto-1-ghostbusters-model-kit
GHOSTBUSTERS GERMANY: https://fanhome.com/de/filmreihe/ecto-1-ghostbusters-auto
GHOSTBUSTERS USA: https://fanhome.com/us/movie-series/ecto-1-ghostbusters-model-kit

MUSTANG ELEANOR UK: https://fanhome.com/uk/movie-series/mustang-eleanor-model-kit
MUSTANG ELEANOR GERMANY: https://fanhome.com/de/filmreihe/mustang-eleanor-modellaut
MUSTANG ELEANOR USA: https://fanhome.com/us/movie-series/mustang-eleanor-model-kit


With all these joint efforts, we hope that you’ll be able to finish your model soon. Don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have any questions.

For those customers who were building the Willys Jeep, Mercedes 300SL, or Nissan GT-R, PCT/IXO will be selling these directly, but only as FULL kits. However, by the end of February 2023, they plan to offer these customers a credit based on how much of the build was undelivered.

The expected release dates (and links to IXO) of these three FULL KIT builds are:

JANUARY 6, 2023

PCT/IXO has said that their new website should go online on January 10th, 2023! The delay was due to a few final licensing and technical issues. Also, the Fanhome release of the DeLorean is a team effort between both PCT/IXO and Fanhome – they are working together on this.

DECEMBER 22, 2022

If you are a Fanhome subscriber, once logged into their site there was a new, yet unusable Collections and models link at the bottom that says ‘DeLorean from Back to the Future’. It appears that Fanhome (which is DeAgostini) might be carrying this model moving forward. DeAgostini supplied the Eaglemoss DeLorean to the Japanese market, so the connection between them on this partwork makes sense. I will keep an eye on this for any developments.

UPDATE December 24, 2022: As of today, the mysterious link has disappeared from the Fanhome website.

UPDATE December 28, 2022: I spoke with Fanhome and should receive information to share on this development in the new year.

DECEMBER 13, 2022

Ben Robinson (@BenCSRobinson) tweeted a few more nuggets of info today regarding both our partworks and the Starship Collections. I highlighted the tweets related to our build-ups. This lines up with the new website information from PCT/IXO:

DECEMBER 4, 2022

For those builders hoping to finish their Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor Mustang, I have received word that PCT/IXO did reach an agreement with Eligor to sell that model directly through the new PCT/IXO website. However, still no ETA on this new site going live just yet.

DECEMBER 1, 2022

I spoke with PCT/IXO today and their new website is now ready to go live, however they are waiting on approvals from the different licensors involved. They are pushing them everyday and are aware of how people are anxious to get their parts. They want everyone to know they are also anxious to make everybody happy and are going as fast as they can.

NOVEMBER 16, 2022

PCT/IXO told me today that the new website is currently undergoing final testing and should be available soon. They also said I will be priority informed as soon as it goes live. I will of course share those details here and on the Partwork Central Facebook groups ASAP.

NOVEMBER 6, 2022

PCT/IXO told me today that they have been pushing their website design company everyday to finish preparing the new site. It is expected to be online in a few more days.

OCTOBER 29, 2022

Ben Robinson (@BenCSRobinson) tweeted a few nuggets of information today regarding both our partworks and the Starship Collections:

OCTOBER 26, 2022

PCT/IXO has said that they should have a dedicated website online very soon to allow customers to order their missing/remaining parts for many of the Eaglemoss partwork builds. They expect it to be available either the end of this week or early next week. I am also hearing that a toll-free number is being setup to take questions/orders, as well as an option to order all of the needed parts in a single purchase or as monthly deliveries. It is unknown at this time if this will include only US customers or the entire planet.

OCTOBER 12, 2022

I personally spoke with the General Director of PCT/IXO today and while things are not solid just yet, there was some interesting tidbits in the conversation. This situation is constantly changing on a weekly basis, but generally has been moving towards a good outcome. The survey from IXO I have linked below has received over 2,500 responses which is fantastic on everyone’s part. However, they want to address each customer directly so it will take a bit of time to get through them all. By the way, if you ran out of room on the form for all of your partwork builds, they recommend using another Google account to complete a second form with the same contact information.

There were some people asking if the price for the parts would be cheaper with Eaglemoss out of the picture, however given the current global shipping and general cost increases, this is likely not possible.

The re-licensing of each partwork model is still ongoing and all of the manufacturers (not just PCT) are eager to restart production of the models. However, since Eaglemoss stopped sending orders back in November 2021, it has been 10+ months since these parts were made. It will take time to get the lines up and running again.

It is possible that some partworks will not be resumed for financial, stock, or licensing reasons, but it is too early to tell. Rest assured though, they are working hard to overcome the various legal, industrial, and shipping hurdles standing between us and completing our builds.

Finally, something I found interesting is that many of the licensor/publishers are focused on resuming service here in the United States first. I really thought the European market would be the priority, so this took me by surprise. I have a feeling that this may be because most of them are based in the US. Either way, I do feel we are slowing inching closer to a positive result after the downfall of Eaglemoss back in July. It may take until early next year, but be patient and be hopeful. We will get there!

OCTOBER 1, 2022

Ben Robinson (@BenCSRobinson), former Director at Eaglemoss, dropped a vague tweet today hinting at October being a ‘good month’ for Eaglemoss products:

SEPTEMBER 28, 2022

Today, the IXO marketing department sent an email to a small group of Eaglemoss partwork customers:

I spoke to PCT/IXO about it and I wanted to add some additional context. Today’s batch run was limited in scope so they could test their system. Therefore, not every customer received it. Larger batches of these emails should go out to customers shortly.

Included with this email is a link to an online Google Form containing a short survey. I have shared this link below with permission from PCT/IXO. They invite any previous Eaglemoss customer with unfinished partwork model builds to complete the survey via this link, regardless if you receive the email above or not.


TIP: Since the survey is presented via Google Forms, you will need a valid Google account to complete it. One survey submission per account.

The survey asks for your name, address, country, which partwork models you were building, the respective Eaglemoss account numbers, and which was the last issue/stage received for each model.   As for what will be the outcome of this data collection, PCT/IXO said:

“Customers will be able to order the parts for the issues they miss. Details will be sent shortly.”

I do want to mention that this email does not confirm that PCT/IXO has secured the required licensing/distribution in the US just yet. I did indeed receive this email in the US, but emails are international. I am awaiting further information from PCT/IXO.

FURTHER UPDATE: PCT/IXO has just confirmed a couple things: First, the solution they are working on for us includes the global market, not just the UK. So, if you haven’t yet, I suggest completing the survey. Second, build instructions *will* be included for the supplied parts.

196 thoughts on “Eaglemoss Update”

  1. Thank you for the update!

    Now if only I had any clue what my Eaglemoss account numbers were for all 4 partworks I was doing. Those emails are likely long gone, and I’m guessing I’m far from the only one who doesn’t have that information.

    1. You guys dont save at least one paperwork (invoice) that came with the parts kit when recieved. Your customer number will suffice as the account number.

  2. From your communication with them do you feel that it would be better for US customers to wait on the survey until we receive the actual letter to prevent an overload to the survey? or, would it give them more incentive to push for the US rights? — Thank you

    1. Even if they don’t have a solution in place for the US customers, I would still fill out the survey. I think the ‘test their systems’ was testing the email sending system – Google Forms can handle way more than all of us can throw at it. The more information PCT/IXO receives about the waiting customers and where they are at in their builds, regardless of country, the more they will be work with to make it all happen.

      1. My only question is will this website be up for a while. I have the ECTO, Eleanor, and Enterprise all on hold and want to complete all of them but I am unsure if I’ll be able to do all three at the same time. Life happens…and has happened…after all 😆

        1. Well, I think they will stay up as long as they keep making money. If people don’t buy, they will stop making them for sure.

  3. I received and email that said in part We are in the process of collecting information in order to allow you to continue your build ( even if you are based in the US) and you will be soon informed about the procedures

  4. Do you know when PCT/IXO will accept new orders from prior Eaglemoss customers? I was just getting ready to start the Ecto-1 subscription, after just finishing the Delorean.

    1. No idea just yet. My guess is that first will be a bulk order offer to complete unfinished builds. Then, perhaps a issue by issue purchase option. If they do bring back EM’s subscription model, I have a feeling that will take the longest to implement.

      1. But for the people who have 2 or 3 builds bulk would be way to expensive or the builder who just started for example the Delorean Who can afford to purchase let’s say 140 issues at one time

        1. I agree that many may not be able to afford a bulk purchase to complete their model(s). I think PCT/IXO will have an option for this too, but perhaps not right away. We just don’t know yet.

          1. I agree the key word is survey there is probably no plan in place . At this point they don’t even have and idea what’s out there .Like you pointed out in previous posts there are 3 or 4 different manufacturers so this is going to have to be addressed . Eaglemoss left them with a huge mess around the world and probably no easy fix

        2. I agree. I’m at Issue 6 – no way can I afford to purchase 124-125 issues all at once. We’ll see what they come up with initially and go from there. But I am prepared to cut my losses and move on.

  5. Hello Marvel,
    Definitely all of us in the community are indebted to you.
    Dude, you’re the man.
    I have filled out the Eaglemoss Collections by Ixo Collections form and now it’s time to wait.
    But this is definitely the news we’ve all been waiting for.
    I’m in Spain, if you need anything just let me know.
    Thank you very much for all your work.

  6. thanks for the update bud. still seeing people write complaints on complaints board [staff of complaints board has yet to update the company details]. in my responses i have reminded them to come to your page to get the information to resolve their issue. keep up the work in keeping us informed.

  7. I can’t thank you enough for the information your providing. You’ve turned my despair into hope.
    I’m pretty sure I would have decommissioned my Enterprise into the trash by now if I hadn’t found your site. Keep the info coming and have a great day.

  8. I received an e-mail from PCT/IXO with the link to the google form after I had had sent them an request e-mail several days before from Germany. So it seems to happen internationally and probably will go on…

    Hope for the best and thanks for keeping us informed MarvelPhx.

  9. Thank you MarvelPhx for sharing this info. I have had 2 emails asking me to complete the survey for my Ecto 1. Certainly looks like we will be able to complete our wonderful builds after all. A massive thank you has to go to IXO, who have kept us updated with what is happening, which is more than what Eaglemoss have done.

  10. Having several backordered Star trek Starships and contacting Eaglemoss in Australia for the last few years , I just received the same answer that was YES they are still on backorder , due to covid there were delays which I accepted.
    However they were still taking money from my account and saying I would receive the latest SPECIAL edition just a few months ago.
    I think Australia has been forgotten.

  11. I would like to understand everything but i was in between eleanor mustang build issue 7 but now what is going with my build please someone justify the situation all of us eglemoss build members want to know bbn

  12. I am trying to build the Ghostbusters Ecto- 1. My last shipment was for issue 4, and the next shipment was the proton packs. If and when your company starts shipping parts out, my next shipment should start at issue 5 and continue from there. Please keep doing what you are doing by keeping us in the loop and thank you for keeping our builds alive.

  13. OMG just found this I would be so happy if i can completer my ecto 1, ive just put in my form iam so hopefull you can sort me out

  14. I just want to remind everyone that I am not affiliated with PCT/IXO. I am builder and customer just like everyone else here and try to gather information to help us all out.

    1. Why did they not send out this link to customers with partial builds? Seems like they don’t have a listing of customers emails or there is issues. I had to come here to find out about any updates. Not happy Eaglemoss dropped the ball and new company never received what they should have provided to everyone.

      1. Privacy laws. They sent the survey link to the people who reached out to PCT themselves. Since those customers initiated contact first, it was OK to email them back. That is why myself and others have been sharing the link as wide as possible. They can’t just start emailing everyone on the customer lists they bought from Eaglemoss. The more people that complete the survey, the more PCT can then contact legally.

  15. Yes I filled out all the information for the build I’m doing the Ecto-1. The last issue I received from eaglemoss was issue 28. I was supposed to receive issue 29 but then the bankruptcy happened. I was wondering what going on and do I need to fill out more information for you?

    1. I am not IXO, just another customer like yourself. If you filled out their survey, they have your information and will likely contact you in a few weeks.

      1. Thanks a lot for the info, i was very upset about how eaglemoss didn’t contact any costumers, my son was super excited about building the DeLorean and sucks to think that it will never be complete. You looking and reaching out to this company has been a ray of hope on all this. Thank u again

  16. Thank you so much! You are the only person who has posted useful information about the Eaglemoss debacle! I’m in the midst of the Enterprise build, and you have genuinely made a positive difference in my life.

    1. Yes, but I was hesitant to put it up. Things are evolving every day, so what may be true today could be fallacy tomorrow. In either case, I had added what I know to this page.

  17. Am curious regarding if you will have to pay for the missing parts. I was literally two parts/issues away from the Ecto-1 being finished, paid premium subscription and yearly. So in theory I’ve already paid for these. Will be disappointing if I have to pay again. Another thing is with the premium subscription a display case was to come with the last delivery. So again, will be curious to see if that will still be available to us.

    1. Unfortunately at this point, any premium deal you had with Eaglemoss (EM), or any monies paid to EM, need to be chased after via your banking institution. PCT/IXO is in no way responsible for monies/parts owed by EM. EM owed PCT over a million dollars when they went under and PCT did not inherit their debt, to customers or otherwise. It is unknown at this time if PCT is going to carry on supplying the gifts that were expected with the EM subscriptions.

  18. “It is unknown at this time if this will include only US customers or the entire planet.”
    Wonderful…This is so frustrating.

  19. Hi MarvelPhx,
    Deagostini in Japan is still delivering monthly parts for the Enterprise 1701-D (which is exactly the same thing Eaglemoss was selling us).
    Right now they are on magazine 18, parts 67 to 70.
    Do you have any idea who the manufacturer is?

  20. You can see the Japanese Deagostini site here: https://deagostini.jp/sed/. There is even a link to the PDFs of the magazines up to issues 67-70. Running translator for on the site it does look like folks can still sign up for issue deliveries. Seems like they might have sorted out the issues in Japan already.

    1. Hello James,
      In Japan they never had any problems (as far as I know).
      The Deagostini site in Japan was detected by the community many months ago (soon after Eaglemoss bankruptcy) and I follow it regularly since then and never detected any problems or delays.
      That’s why I was asking if it is known who is the manufacturer of the parts.

      1. PCT/IXO makes the DeLorean parts. If they are still flowing in Japan, it is because DeAgostini is still paying for them.

  21. This is great, thank you! I have your website bookmarked and check it daily for updates! I am on issue 82 of the Enterprise and had only built through 60 because I was so sad over the Eaglemoss news. This has me super excited again and I just finished my unbuild issues. At issue 82, I am SOOOO excited to finish it, and it looks awesome. I am ready to go for whatever they want for the Enterprise parts. I am happy to do monthly or a pay in full for the rest of the kit at once. Thank you again MarvelPhx for keeping us updated!

  22. Remember all the lockdowns China is having who knows where the internet providers are located ,or where PCT is located or the factory workers

  23. This is TORTURE 😉
    Feeling like the famous donkey with the carrot in front of his nose 🤪
    … any time now ….
    … just a little bit longer ….

  24. Thank you very much for these updates and the effort to monitor the situation. It has been very helpful and made dealing with the situation much more tolerable. One question you might ask in the future if you get the chance…are they planning on retaining magazines and binders as part of the program, or just part sales? Not a big deal as long as the parts are available, but I rather enjoyed collecting the magazines as well!

    1. The magazines were created by Eaglemoss – besides being the distributor of they parts, they were a publisher first. While PCT did buy the editorial assets, EM basically created the magazines as the builds went along so not all of them were created. Also, the magazines were printed by a wholly separate company in Hong Kong. Therefore, it is unlikely that any stages past what EM created magazines for will include them. However, PCT did say that assembly instructions for all stages would be included with any parts purchased from them.

      1. Hello Marvel Phx,
        Thank you very much for the information.
        It is a peace of mind for everyone.
        Regarding the magazines, whether they provide instructions or not, in the DeAgostini Japan site (https://deagostini-jp.translate.goog/sed/index.html?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp#scrl_light) you can download the instructions for the construction of the Enterprise 1701-D, of course in Japanese but the graphics are good and you can understand what to do.
        But if there are no instructions it is better than nothing.
        Now they are in stage 71 to 74 and they publish new ones monthly.

        Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

        1. Something tells me that DeAg might have the original artwork for all the DeLorean magazines and does the Japanese translations and different articles as needed. However, I doubt EM made the magazines for the Enterprise D parts much past Stage 82 or 86. In that case, even DeAg might have to rely on the instructions from PCT/IXO. We shall see.

  25. Hi MarvelPhx. Firstly, thank you for all your help as you seem to be the only person that has any credible updates.
    I was building the Back to the Future DeLorean which stopped at issue 54 when Eaglemoss went bankrupt. Whist building it, I always looked at the PDF’s instructions that were supplied online by Eaglemoss as I think these were easier to follow than flicking through the magazine. Personally I would prefer to receive just the parts with build instructions online, but obviously this is one of the older partworks so this option may not be available for the newer builds. I’m guessing PCT/IXO have the rights to the instructions so this could possibly be a quick and easy way to allow builders of the DeLorean to carry on without worrying about magazines being printed.
    Is this something you could mention to them?
    Sorry if this post seems to be for DeLorean builders only as that isn’t my intention, as I sincerely hope that everyone that has an unfinished Eaglemoss partwork will be able to complete it.

    1. I have all 159 of the DeLorean magazines in digital PDF format if needed. I got them from EM before they folded.

    1. Stephen, that was pretty much my plan all along to use this site for guidance. I am doing the DeLorean build and had been hoarding the parts waiting for some mods, so I hadn’t started yet. I’ve received the first 50 some issues. The reason for my question was more related to the content. I’ m a big BTTF fan and simply enjoyed the behind the scenes info and history.

      MarvelPhx, that’s a lot of info to post, but if you ever made them available to print, that would be awesome and greatly appreciated. Maybe there’s a surplus of binders for sale out there…? Thanks

    1. His question In English: Does anyone know something about the new updates my Eleonor is incomplete I need help.

      Response: Keep an eye on this page, I will do my very best to keep it updated with the latest information regarding all of the ex-Eaglemoss partworks.

      In Spanish: Esté atento a esta página, haré todo lo posible para mantenerla actualizada con la información más reciente sobre todos los ex-Eaglemoss partworks.

  26. According to a tweet from Ben Robinson a second company has taken over the builds do you know anything about that

  27. Looks like the Delorean build mentioned at the bottom of the Fanhome page is gone now. I was able to see it a couple of days ago. But no sign now. Still a good sign it was there at all.

  28. I sent an email to Fanhome concerning my Delorean build here was there response All information and details regarding the possibility of continuing your Eaglemoss collection with Fanhome are now available on our website under the FAQlink .Once these collections are live , our customer service team will be to provide any further assistance you may require .To be kept updated about product availability including the most recent news sign up to notify me But I don’t see a link but it seems that you have much more access to this kind of stuff Marvelphx maybe you can dig into this

  29. How do I get a subscription for the db5 model?
    Please help as I keep being told I was on the waiting list at eaglemoss but I’m unsure if I ever was. Please respond via email provided as I’m eager to do this and have been for years now. If you can help I’d be deeply grateful for your time.

    1. It is unknown at this time if the EM DB5 will ever return. However, it looks like agoramodels.com is going to be doing their own DB5.

  30. Thank you so much im so happy that i can finish my Eleanor build. I was serious looking every day on this site to look if there was any news. Would you please put the link on this site. Thanks alot:)

  31. Is anyone else sitting around going…. one more day….. just one more day…. maybe I’ll call in sick tomorrow…. just one more day…. . lol
    It’s been a long wait but I think there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Now I’m hoping we don’t overload the server when the site goes online. 🙂

    Many thanks to MarvelPhx for keeping everyone informed. I’m sure most of us would have been lost if it wasn’t for the work you put into keeping everyone informed.
    Thank you and happy building.

    1. I was about to post something similar. I’d like to also extend my thanks to MarvelPhx. Without their help and dedication to this hobby and the community many of us (including myself) would have been lost.

  32. Can I just say Thank you to MARVELPHX real quick.

    I was used to eaglemoss missing deliveries due to constant shortages or other issues so I didnt think much of it but after 3 months or so I decided to call and the support line was disconnected and emails bounced back, so I clearly had a slight panic.

    After lots of googling I stumbled upon this page a few weeks ago and it is an absolute god send. I now feel like I actually have actionable information.

    Thank you MARVELPHX for taking the time and staying on top of this!

    1. Thank you all for the kind words! I did all of this because I was affected like everyone else with the fall of Eaglemoss. I just wanted to get to the bottom of it and share what I found with all you other builders out there.

  33. Hey! Do we know yet the status of the Doctor Who or Solar System collection? Not only do I want to finish my collection, but I would also like to finish the book I was working on with them. And I would like to know if that part of the business is dead dead. So far, all the old contact info I have is either not reachable or offline. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    1. Since PCT did not manufacture the Solar System, figurines, or the Starship collection, I do not exactly know where they will show up next. But, it is very likely they will return under a different brand.

  34. Received the PTC/IXO email today. I just want to thank MarvelPhx again for doing all of this. It’s been a life line to sanity. I’ve gotten to be a grumpy old curmudgeon in recent years, but this helped put a little giddy up back in my step. It was nice to have one place to get updates.

  35. Well, this sucks. Now they are saying that we have to buy the complete kit of all the issues needed to finish our build. No monthly subscription. Looks like I’ll be selling my Mercedes 300 rolling chassis. There is no way I can buy it all at once.

    1. For builders with unfinished Willys Jeep, GT-R, or 300SL partwork models, PCT will be creating discount codes worth the amount of the stages you already have. Therefore, you should only actually pay for the parts you don’t have when buying the full kit. These codes should be ready by the end of February. Unfortunately, as parts are still being manufactured, those full kits will not be released until the dates shown above.

  36. Thank you so much for everything you have done to keep up. If i had not read on this site then i was nowhere and had nothing.
    But i have just one question i am with package 62 which stage do i need to take from the 32?

  37. I usually don’t comment on.. well anything. But i just have to thank you for everything you shared here. This page was and is a really valuable source of information.

    Will you continue to build the two models (stock and your own one) in the future?

    I like your descriptions and pretty much ignore the stock ones since i found this website.

    1. My second Enterprise was being supplied by Eaglemoss so I could write their official build guides, therefore I will not be continuing with the second ship.

        1. I will continue my Enterprise following my Model Remodel plan. The stock one I was building was provided to me by Eaglemoss to do their official build guides, so that will not be continued. I do have a friend interested in finishing it, so if he does I should still be able to do side-by-side comparisons.

  38. Unfortunately for us in the Netherlands there’s no hope. Any news that it will be available also here at any time?

    1. Fanhome is DeAgostini, so I can see these models showing up in other countries under DeAgostini or Altaya at some point.

    2. Might see if there is a mail forwarding service in Germany. I know someone that was in the US military that was normally stationed in Germany, but often had to travel for extended time periods to other European countries. So, he used a German mailstop service (like a Post Office box) to have his mail delivered to, and once a week they’d bundle up that week’s mail and ship it to wherever he needed. It probably wasn’t cheap, but maybe an alternative.

      1. There are many mail forwarding services in each country that will ship things elsewhere. I used one to ship my Hachette T800 from the UK to the US (before Agora released their T800). I have also seen that Ian Campbell at Partwork Upgrades has set up a new ‘Partwork Distribution’ website to cater to us builders and forward issues out as a service.

        1. I didn’t know that mail forwarding companies was a thing, thank you! Probably that will work. Thank you again also for your hard work to keep us updated all that time!

  39. MarvelPhx you said 7 months they been down….. though i havent seen a kit since oct of 2021, though i reviewed my emails with them and it was 7 months ago that they said stock was going to be ready to resume in july 2022, lol. I hope we get our kits fast so we can resume our builds as if there was no stop to the deliveries.

  40. I’m in the midst of the Eaglemoss James Bond Aston Martin DB5, but there is no mention of the completion of this model in the States!

    1. The Eaglemoss DB5 was not made by PCT/IXO. Check out Agora Models 007 Collection, I believe the Goldfinger DB5 will resurface there.

  41. Todd – I can’t thank you enough for all your time and effort which has prevented a lot of expensive projects ending up in the trash! Whilst ‘others’ washed their hands of it you kept the community informed and gave us all hope which has now been rewarded – as long as Fanhome stay in business!

    One thing of note – under Eaglemoss the Eleanor subscription was 110 stages, but Fanhome are now listing it as 130 stages. Were there ‘extras’ planned that Eaglemoss never revealed?

  42. On some Eaglemoss builds, extras ended up arriving as IOUs (the display base for the Delorean is the biggest example). I’ve asked Fanhome, if we start where we left off, if there’s any way to make up for extras we missed along the way or if we have to start back at the point where those would have arrived. They said they had to check on that; I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

  43. Hey Everyone,
    First, does anyone have the PDFs for the Eaglemoss Solar System Orrey? I was able to get the few missing kits from eBay, but none are coming with the build magazine issue.

    Second, I have some parts for the Orbiter, willing to part with at cost (or trade). Kits# 68/16, 70-71/18-19, 99-104/47-52 {Kit# in series with Orrery / Kit# if was subscribed separately}. Both the Orrey and Orbiter were 52 kits each.

    Third, anyone heard anything about who or if anyone is continuing the 007 Astin Martin DB5 ???

    Any advice or info is appreciated!
    Mik S.

    1. I haven’t heard a thing about the Solar System Orrey. However, the EM DB5 might return via the new Agora Models 007 collection.

  44. Thank you for your time and effort doing this. I stopped at issue 106 and never knew what to do when I saw that Eaglemoss is bankrupt. That’s why I bookmark your page and everytime I go online I check it. Now, I started to order and continue on my build. Again, thank you. I’ll upload my build upon completion if you don’t mind.

    1. You are quite welcome! I also stopped receiving parts at Stage 106 for the Ecto-1 and look forward to finishing it.

      1. I was cut off at 102 December 2021.
        Did you receive the correct front right door (no review mirror opening) as part of 91 or were you waiting for it as part of 107?
        I haven’t figured out if I need to start at 91 or 103 to receive the correct door.

  45. Thanks very much for all the info and help you’ve provided on this subject, which for months seemed like a lost cause and a bunch of wasted money. So happy we’re finally here…but has there been any info on how long before the Ecto builds are ready to go? The website is live, but it’s just a coming soon/notify situation. Very curious if we expect this to be a weeks, months, or longer wait? Thanks in advance!

  46. Do you or does anybody have any information regarding the solar system buildups from Eaglemoss?? I am interested in finishing the build I am almost halfway done.

    1. This is for anyone that is looking for the orrery. I finished mine about the time I started up the Eleanor….which I now started my pre-order for where I left off. Ok…back to the orrery. I am a subscriber to Astronomy magazine. For a few issues, I saw an add for a company that is selling what looks like the one from Eaglemoss. Even the magazines look like the ones from Eaglemoss. Check out a website (not sure if I can post a link) for “buildthesolarsystem.com”

  47. Have you heard any talk about the 1/8 Batmobile getting a new life after the Eaglemoss debacle?? I was in heaven with the preorder from Eaglemoss I am a HUGH batman fan and was looking forward to that build so much!!!

  48. Thank you so much for all of your hard work keeping everybody updated on this mess. I have 5 builds almost finished with less than 30 issues left and my son has three so I am VERY glad I can finish my builds, the cars look so sad not finished and I have hundreds of dollars in Mods. to make them rely pop and I was so worried I had wasted thousands of dollars!! Thanks and keep up the great work WE ALL APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. As one of the many Eaglemoss victims you have my full appreciation and i senserely hope PCT and Fanhome appreciate your hard work as well!!! You realy deserve it !!
    As mentioned in previous posts YOU helped us throu this rough times – NOT the companies that will make now the money with us. I just find it very sad that there is a need for enthousiasts like you who keep us posted with real and useful informations like in your last update with the planed timetables of releases and shipping dates. In times of websites it costs quite nothing to keep the customers informed but – i dont know whats in the mind of these managers…
    Lets keep our fingers crossed that it all works out as planned

    By the way .. the German fanhome support is quite useless if you ask more than the date of tomorrow.

  50. I am curious as to why I received E-Mails from ixo with “Links” to help me recover my build of my Ghostbuster collection. All the links where useless.
    Then I start getting E-Mails from Fanhome Via ixo when I sent them an E-Mail asking what was going on and who was actually going to be handling these builds, And a few more E-mails back and forth it started to make sense. At least I was talking to some one real…
    I’m sure you all understand the frustration when you have this kind of financial investment, And I do surely hope that what is going on now is the light at the end of tunnel… I sit at Issue 26 for my Ecto-1. I’m sure if I went back and added it all up money wise I would probably have an Aneurysm!

  51. Thank you so much for the tip on manually entering your email. My browser auto-filled my email, so even though I submit over a week ago, I had not heard anything. I filled it out as you directed and got a reply in seconds. CHEERS!

  52. MarvelPhx:

    I stopped receiving shipments at 102 December 2021.
    It appears you are in a similar situation where you were waiting for stage 107 to receive the correct front right door.

    Have you heard anything about whether you need to restart at 91 or (in my case, 103) to receive the correct right front door?

  53. Marvelphx i just got a email from ixo/fanhome. though ecto1 is not yet availible Delorian is up for ordering right now. hope that means ill get ecto1 access soon.

  54. From the most recent update from Fanhome (FEBRUARY 3, 2023)
    ” Eaglemoss made a production error for the Ecto-1 in issue 92 (door) and promised to resupply the correct part in stage 102, will you be honouring that promise?”

    I think they are actually referring to Part 91A. Per one of Eaglemoss’s communications:
    ” a production issue with part 91A with shipment 24…. The right hand door has been produced with the wing mirror attached.
    The corrected door panel will be provided in issue 107 which is included in shipment 28 and will be included at our expense”

    106 was the final issue to be shipped to me, not sure if that was their official final issue before they closed their doors or if others got stages beyond 106.

    Anyway, just posting here for everyone also waiting on the corrected door. Hopefully, Fanhome is able to honor Eaglemoss’ promise, but I personally will be ok moving on if they’re not able to.

    1. I asked BAC about this and said the same thing to him. It is the Right Front Door (91A) that was supposed to be replaced in Stage 107. I have corrected his update accordingly.

  55. Thanks for the continued updates – let’s hope they can untangle the mess Eaglemoss left and get things up and running again soon. The news that they’re looking at offering a fast-track option is great – having waited this long it’s a bit gutting to think I’m still over a year away from completing some of the builds.

  56. What this show is how poorly ran Eaglemoss was and how deceptive they were, they lied to their customers, they lied to their producers, they didn’t even bother to tell the very people who bought their collection that there were gaps in the supply chain , and wrong parts issued . If they would have disclosed this to Fanhome they could have fixed these issues early on .It’s a mess but luckily it will be resolved in a professional way like Fanhome is doing

    1. you do know that when the pandemic hit they received a HUGE influx of orders that no one could have predicted happening. Even at my work we didnt see it coming and had to scramble to get a system in place for people to work while we all were home. though before they closed their doors things were messy i will agree to that. i hope we get parts flowing once more soon.

  57. MarvelPax any updates? havent seen a change yet on their [fanhome] site for ecto 1. they said end of feb…..its march 2nd now.

    1. Nothing yet that I have seen/heard. I still have my ear to the ground listening for updates and will post them to this page.

      1. well i hope soon, im debating on if i should get another model [differnt one] after ecto 1. that is if im pleased with their service lol. as always MarvelPhx thanks for all the hard work your doing with your experiance posts on models AND keeping us in the loop. keep it up bud.

  58. Received an Email from Fanhome here in the US about Elenor they are shooting for end of April . Called on the Delorean they except that around the same time . Not only are they serving past Eaglemoss customers but the demand for both by new subscribers far exceeded what they thought and now are manufacturing more parts so they can provide everyone monthly deliveries.

  59. An update from Fanhome would be nice – the mentioned goal of “end of February” for the Enterprise order is a tiny little bit overdue 🙂

    1. The Nissan GT-R is now offered from IXO Collections directly, but only as a full kit. Unfortunately, you may only be able to find spare part issues on eBay or the various Facebook partwork market groups.

  60. Thank you for posting this info. I can now start planning to complete my Ecto 1. I can think of planning my holidays, as everything has been put on hold until eaglemoss’s mess was sorted out. A massive thank you has to go to fanhome who have taken this on, in order to help us complete our models. Have alreadt signed up, & will await their email in a few weeks.

  61. The light at the end of the tunnel … now i only have to find the right tunnel 🙂
    7 – 11 Weeks from now … “tick tock says the ancient clock” … to quote Vadic 🙂

    Thanks to BAC for the update !!

    Until then i will have my electronics ready

    1. took the words from me. this mess has been hard to navigate in without any light. Thank you for helping us out with the updates Marvelphx, I cant wait to get this haunted nightmare over.

      i’m ready to get back to bustin some ghosts 😛

  62. Because of Eaglemoss being cut short. I’m wondering about the magazine difference between the US and UK. Any insight on this?

    Thank you.

    1. The US was sent the UK versions – they are the same. Any issues that were not created yet will likely be re-branded by Fanhome before being released.

  63. Hello Todd,

    My name is Eduardo Arias and I am in Spain.
    Unfortunately I can’t continue with my Enterprise construction because Fanhome or DeAgostini do not deliver to Spain.
    I have tried everything I can to get Bac Compton, Fanhome or DeAgoistini to answer my question, but nobody gives me an answer.
    I would like to ask you a favor if you could ask Bac Compton the following question:

    “If in the future they will make Enterprise available in Spain and if we ex Eaglemoss guys will be able to pick up our build where it left off when Eaglemoss went bankrupt.”

    Personally I have no problem waiting as long as it takes, I would just like to know if I will be able to finish my build at some point.

    I apologize for bothering you with this topic.
    I hope you can ask Bac the question.

    Eduardo Arias.

    1. This is from me and not BAC: The big reason they started with only three countries was the limited amount of stock available globally. As the wheels get going on the entire process, I firmly believe more countries will be added in the future. And yes, you should be able to resume from any stage in those countries.

      1. Thank you Todd for your attention.
        I hope that at some point in the future more countries will be added.
        I too believe that in those countries it should be possible to resume the construction, but that is the answer I have never been given.
        Todd, thank you very much for all the effort and dedication you put into keeping the community informed and for your excellent modifications.

        Eduardo Arias.

  64. looks like someone [not you marvel] is dragging their feet on the models [besides enterprise] slated for yesterday release agreements. hope its soon for ecto 1. everyone near me is eager to see my model completed. hope we get good news soon.

      1. Woooooo!

        As always, thanks for the updates, Marvel. I hope Fanhome rewards you for the unofficial spokesperson role you’ve taken upon yourself.

      2. soooo i been playing the GB theme song on repeat all week at work since we had word before about it being 25th for nothing LOL. Guess they will have to hear it till july 17th LOL.

  65. I just re-subscribed for my Enterprise-D build, which I’m happy that can be done as a subscription as I had previously only finished through issue #14. I’m still not exactly motivated yet but that’ll happen once I start getting parts again, so I’m not concerned on my Enterprise.

    I’m very concerned with on my Willys Jeep and IXO though. I was MUCH further along on that build and the only options I’m seeing at all are to re-buy the complete kit with no discussion of a discount code or anything. As far as I know, I replied on any emails I got from them asking for information but still haven’t seen any option but to just buy it all again at full price in a single lump.

    1. As a follow-up to this, a couple days after my original post I did receive my discount code from IXO and it was a respectable discount for where I was in my build. I was already finished through stage #38 and for the remainder of the build I think I probably ended up spending less for the overall kit than I would have if I had done it via a subscription. That’s even including the payments I had already made to Eaglemoss. So I am happy with how my Jeep build got handled through this whole mess and I’m just starting to work on it again today. I’ll be taking my time but now I don’t have to worry any longer.

  66. Hi: I am at stage 102 with the incorrect right front door. What stage are you starting on to obtain your Stage 91 “correct” front right door? I have not yet seen a definitive response from Bac on this situation.

  67. Correct phrasing:
    I’m at stage 27 (part 102) with the incorrect front “part 91” right front door. How do I obtain the correct door that originally was going to be sent with stage 29, part 107? Do I have to restart back at stage 25 receiving numerous parts I do not need?

  68. Update:
    Bac suggests signing up for the next stage following are latest stage as they continue to work out the issue with the incorrect front right door.

    1. Correct. I spoke with BAC about the replacement right front door (91A) a few days ago. They are looking into it and recommend you start where you left off as they sort out the replacement door.

  69. pre order is up for ecto1 but only to issue 2. i am on 70, any word when those will open marvelphx?

      1. got it, thanks again bud. im at work so ill tell them the subscription when im home. now i need to “raid” your instructions lists for the pictures of the next sets to build so i can have parts list and the instructions visible as i build LOL.

  70. Thanks for keep us informed with the revival of the Enterprise D build from Eaglemoss to Fanhome and I really appreciate Fanhome helping us out with this dilemma but I have to say I was disappointed the Fanhome didn’t offer those impact by Eaglemoss bankruptcy the Premium subscription. I paid for the Premium display stand with Eaglemoss and I was 20 kits in but now Fanhome is telling me I don’t qualify for the Premium subscription. Hell I was willing to pay even little extra but Fanhome stated I had no option. Extremely disappointed!

    1. The only thing the premium sub did was include the upgraded base. Fanhome WILL be offering this base later on as an extra cost item for re-subscribers.

  71. I have an incomplete 1:8 Willys MB Jeep. You said on Jan. 10 that “PCT will be creating discount codes worth the amount of the stages you already have. Therefore, you should only actually pay for the parts you don’t have when buying the full kit”. I haven’t seen any new information about this on your website . They are already selling the full kits. Starting in March, I have sent them 3 emails concerning the discounts.
    They only replied to my first one stating that “We will get back to you very soon.” Have you heard anything new about the discounts? Will they still happen, at least in some form, to help us out? I’m getting the impression they are not going to be offering them.

    1. This information was just recently shared and I have updated the page to include the process to receive a discount code for the ex-EM full kits from IXO Collections.

    2. Clark;

      Did you get this resolved? I sent a few emails to them, and finally got a discount code for my build. It was about 40% off the price for the full kit. In the long run it worked out for me and probably made the whole build cheaper in the long run. I got my complete kit about a week ago. The code I received was only good for the month it was sent to me.

      They basically stripped all the eaglemoss backings from the individual packages and reprinted the manual with all the eaglemoss info replaced with IXO (but not as nice of a printing).

  72. I think Fanhome is having some problems with the new builds , both the Delorean and Eleanor have been in preparing mode for over a while now when a call to get an estimated shipping date they don’t know

    1. Yeah, my ship date for the Delorean was May 2nd and has been preparing since April 27th when I was charged. I do see that they finally updated the images on the subscription page to images of the Delorean now so hopefully soon.

  73. My question is are we going to be charged this month for another shipment when this one has not arrived and their answer is yes we are charged every 30 days

  74. MarvelPhx do you have any new information on shipping you seem to have a better communication with them all I get from the customer service is it will ship soon I understand that they have no control over this and basically have the same info i have

    1. I have copied to this page the update from BAC he posted in the Partwork Central FB groups regarding the shipping situation.

  75. Just wondering if anyone has received anything from Fanhome regarding the delay in the shipments of the Eaglemoss builds they took over .Customer service seems to not know either

  76. Regarding the shipping delays in the US, Fanhome should just sort all orders by assembly stage, lowert to highest, and dispatch in that order. That way workers will not have to look all over thr wearhouse from one order to the next, but go progressively from lower to the higher stage. It would work as if everyone started at stage 1.

  77. I just received my first Delorean shipment today and my subscription page already has the second shipment showing pending now as well. Those still waiting be patient they are getting them out.

  78. i was just wondering whether i will be able to finish my eleanor model as eaglemoss took £463 from my account which is the total cost of the build to complete just before they went bankrupt so i have already paid for something i have not got which i am very very angry about nobody has even emailed me back to apollogize as i cannot get my monies back

    1. Unfortunately, Eaglemoss took your money and then went out of business – it is gone. I would contact your financial institution and see if they can possibly get it back for you. As for finishing the model, just head on over to fanhome.com and you can resume your Eleanor from where you left off.

  79. Just checked today marvelphx, they posted when my kits are coming but made a mistake. they said my parts [71 to 74] come on 5/3/23. I’m guessing they meant 2024 since they are starting slow from kits 1.

    1. just an update for you Marvelphx, looks like fanhome is serious about getting us back on track. i got 2 days ago that they were prepping mine, yesterday that it was waiting for pickup, checked this morning…….possible arrival [from half the usa away] tomorrow. i Definatly will get another build up from fanhome when im ready.

  80. Hola me gustaría saber cómo puedo empezar a construir el Nissan gtr algien que me pase una pajina para empezar grasias

  81. Was going good with Fanhome for a bit, got a few more kits after I signed up but I havn’t recieved anything from them since September and they charged me for October so it seems like they are going under again…
    Really frustrating dealing with this.

    1. Fanhome isn’t going anywhere, but like Eaglemoss, I think they are struggling with their Third Party Logistics providers. Apparently it is hard to find a good 3PL.

  82. Does anyone know the name for the type of binder that Eaglemoss/Fanhome/Hero Collector uses for their buildup issues? It’s like a three-ring binder, but instead of using rings and hole punches, it uses plastic pegs that you have to snap off a row of pegs, from the inside of the binder, and slide into the top and bottom of each issue/magazine to hold it in place.

    I ask because I have a couple of buildup subscriptions that I started with Eaglemoss just a couple months before the company went belly-up. The binders only hold 16 issues and fill-up fast, and back when Eaglemoss was still running things they made it sound like they would be sending out new binders every couple of months until the models were complete. Today I asked Fanhome’s customer service if I’ll be getting a new binder any time soon, because mine are all full, and they said no. “Only one binder over the lifetime of the subscription”. I asked if I could purchase binders from them, for an additional fee, and they said no. So it seems like the options I have are either A) buy secondhand binders on eBay or B) find a manufacturer who makes this specific type of peg binder and buy it from them.

    So does anyone know what type of binder this is and where I can buy it?

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