Eaglemoss BANKRUPT!

This post was last updated October 3, 2022 —

For the latest information about the buy-out of the Eaglemoss partwork builds, CLICK HERE!

As this post has become very long, I have reversed the order of the entries for quick/easy access to the newest updates. 

UPDATE October 3, 2022: I noticed an interesting change over on LinkedIn today. The former Managing Director for Eaglemoss has found a similar job over at DeAgostini. Since I would think he was directly involved in the downfall of Eaglemoss Group, I hope the same future does not befall DeAgostini as well. Fingers crossed…

UPDATE September 5, 2022: Today, the Eaglemoss administrators recorded a Notice of Deemed Approval of Proposals with the UK Companies House. In this document, the proposals presented by the administrators were deemed approved as of August 25, 2022.

Additionally, PCT/IXO has begun contacting ex-Eaglemoss customers in Europe with a GDPR notice. While this email does not really contain any ‘new’ information, it is further confirmation of the purchase of Eaglemoss assets by PCT and another notice that they will be reaching out to customers soon with details about resuming the partwork collections. The contents of the email are as follows:

“Dear Customers,

Privacy Notice – Asset transfer from Eaglemoss Limited

Premium and Collectibles Trading Company Limited and PCT Collectibles Trading Company Limited (affiliated companies of our and together the “Buyers“) recently purchased a series of assets from Eaglemoss Limited (“Eaglemoss“) due to Eaglemoss’ financial distress. Eaglemoss has now been placed into administration.

Included within the assets purchased by the Buyers under the asset sale detailed above, is the customer database of Eaglemoss. We note that you are currently listed on that database for the purpose of receiving information about the products and services of Eaglemoss or because you have recently purchased their goods and/or services.

We are an affiliate company of the Buyers and your personal data has been transferred to us, to enable us to continue to provide you with the details of the goods and services that were previously provided by Eaglemoss.

We will process your personal data fairly and lawfully and in accordance with the principles and requirements of the UK GDPR and the GDPR (the “Data Protection Legislation“) as they apply to your personal data.

Under the Data Protection Legislation, we are required to provide you with certain information about who we are (as the now controller of your personal data), how we will process your personal data and your rights in relation to your personal data. This information is provided in our data protection policy (which can be found at: https://www.ixocollections.com/en/content/3-data-protection-policy), and it is important that you read that information.

In the event you would like us to stop sending marketing material to you please click here. About your collections, you will receive soon dedicated email by collection with more information. Details of how to exercise your data protection rights can also be found at https://www.ixocollections.com/en/content/3-data-protection-policy).

Yours sincerely,

IXO Collections SDS – 14, Rue du Bois Guillaume – 91000 – EVRY COURCOURONNES – FRANCE – 852 934 090″


UPDATE September 2, 2022: Even though I asked people not to email PCT so they could work on their side of things uninterrupted, many people did it anyway. Now, PCT is responding to these inquiries with canned responses, such as:

“Yes, we have acquired parts of the assets of EAGLEMOSS UK and this will allow collectors to finish their model. Please wait for official notice that will soon be sent to all subscribers.”

“It is true that we did an agreement with EAGLEMOSS UK liquidators to acquire part of their assets. Since we own the tools of several projects that they distributed, our main concern was to find a way to allow collectors to finish their models.

You’ll be soon informed about the procedures to continue your subscription.”

These responses do confirm that PCT plans to reach out to subscribers at some point. As I have been talking to them for a long time, they gave me a little more information to share:

“Be sure that, in addition of our deal for European customers, we are doing all efforts to find the best solution for USA, together with other companies involved. There will be some news soon, and surely a solution, but please be patient.”

This is good to hear, they could be working with the other manufacturers like Eligor (Eleanor, ’68 Mustang) and Grani & Partners (DB5) to continue the Eaglemoss partwork models that were not built by PCT. It could also mean that they are talking to companies in the US to act as distributors, such as Agora Models. I do ask again that we just give them time to sort things out both legally and logistically. I am positive they will find a way to reach out to all existing, past, and possible future subscribers very soon!

UPDATE August 19, 2022: The Statement of Administrator’s Proposal is now available online. Some of the highlights are:

Events over the last 24 months leading to administration: “increased costs, lead times and uncertainty in the supply chain, the failure of key customers leading to bad debts and the accelerated decline of its newsagent distribution channel.”

  • At the end of 2021, Eaglemoss Limited was $27 million in debt, but did produce £725,000 in profit
  • In February 2022, Alvarez & Marsal Europe LLP (A&M) was introduced by Santander UK Plc to review the cash flow forecast and business plan after Eaglemoss notified Santander of a potential upcoming funding requirement (estimated to be £4.5 million).
  • Also in February 2022, Eaglemoss tried to sell themselves. A&M explored options in April 2022, but no offers were received. A&M also prepared contingency plans for a potential insolvency of Eaglemoss.
  • An interested party did approach Eaglemoss, but these discussions were terminated on July 23, 2022.
  • In May 2022, with no offers for the company shares, Eaglemoss obtained another £0.4 million from Santander to fund trading while it pursued another transaction. By May 17, 2022, Eaglemoss determined it could not continue and would enter an insolvency process. It appears they could no longer afford to order new stock.
  • Due to increasing creditor pressures, Eaglemoss filed a notice of intention to appoint administrators on July 12, 2022
  • Immediately before the official appointment of administrators on August 5th, certain business and assets, being all of Eaglemoss’ editorial IP, online domains, the customer database specific to the subscription build-up business, and an IT server were sold to another party for £300,000. This sale was approved by Santander. While not mentioned in the statement, I believe this is the sale to PCT.
  • The ‘Dairy Diary’ and wholesale assets were sold to Heathside Trading Ltd for for £200,000 including the e-shop customer database.
  • Each arm of Eaglemoss, such as Eaglemoss Inc (USA) and Eaglemoss Editions Russia, held their own inventory and order books
  • Santander provided £14.2 million in secured lending to Eaglemoss Capital Limited (parent company of Eaglemoss Limited)
  • This included COVID-19 support as CLBILS (Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme) of which £9m is outstanding
  • Santander holds a share pledge over all arms under Eaglemoss Limited, and fixed/floating charges (loans) over both Eaglemoss Limited and Eaglemoss Capital Limited
  • Eaglemoss Inc (USA) secured lending from JP Morgan Chase

According to their own books, Eaglemoss Limited owed a lot of money to a lot of companies including the China manufacturers, such as over £1 million to PCT, £410k to Holinail SAS, and £204k to Eligor. They were also in arrears with many of the licensors, such as CBS, BBC, and WB. The document further implies that unsecured creditors will unlikely see any dividends (this would be us, the customers) and the most likely exit route from this administration process is the dissolution of Eaglemoss.

If you go read the document yourself, most of this is summarized in the SIP 16 (Statement of Insolvency Practice) starting on page 33.

UPDATE August 19, 2022 – Part Two: I heard back from Eligor (they manufacture most of the 1:8 scale Mustang-based partworks including our Eleanor build up). They are waiting on official news regarding the next steps, but have plans to meet up with PCT soon. Eligor is keen to get going again on the Eleanor and has spoken with the licensor, who shares this optimism.

Again, the current PCT transaction covers Europe, but work is underway to serve the US customers as well. Eaglemoss owed Eligor a significant amount of money so it will take time to recover, but this is very good sign for Eleanor builders!

UPDATE August 18, 2022: Today, the Statement of Administrator’s Proposal regarding Eaglemoss Limited has been filed with the UK Government’s Companies House. The contents of this proposal should be available within 10 days and I will post the relevant information here.

I also wanted to try and clear up some confusion I have recently seen online. When Eaglemoss took down most of their websites last month, they seem to have forgotten one at https://www.eaglemoss.com/en-go/. However, this link appears to be a very old version (from roughly 2016) of the their mobile-friendly site – it should not be taken as meaning anything about the current state of the company. What is more likely is that search engines like Google finally removed the now-defunct main sites and this old one moved up to the top of the list when searching about ‘eaglemoss’.

UPDATE August 15, 2022: I had a very nice conversation with Ben Robinson this morning via Zoom. We talked about Eaglemoss and the history and possible future of our partwork models. I have shared the Zoom video, but only to the Partwork Central Facebook groups related to the Eaglemoss builds. I am by no means a professional interviewer and don’t like seeing myself on camera. Not to mention, I might have been a little star-struck to be talking to the main guy behind so many of our favorite builds so I apologize in advance.

Mr. Robinson provided some insight into behind-the-scenes about how the various partworks came to be, what he feels the future holds for them, even what might products might have been. He also mentioned that any partworks that we have seen completed in photographs (such as the ’66 Batmobile) already have their tooling finished. These models have a very high likelihood of being acquired and released by another company since much of the work and cost has already been sunk. And, it is a high priority to allow existing customers to finish their builds from wherever in the process they may be.

He also feels it will only be a few months before we see our partwork builds resurface, not six months to a year as many previously thought. The longer it takes, the more people will lose interest in them, to which I completely agree. So much of this depends on the various licensors and being able to reach out to subscribers while not violating GDPR. Above all, he asks we please continue to show our interest in building these large-scale models. Follow @BenCSRobinson on Twitter to show support and be notified what he learns anything. He has been more than willing to share what information he can.

UPDATE August 12, 2022: In one of his many recent interviews, Ben Robinson mentioned that Eaglemoss had gone into administration on August 5th. Today, the official filing by Eaglemoss Limited of Appointment of an Administrator has appeared at the UK Companies House gov.uk website. Two insolvency practitioners are listed, Adam Paxton and Paul Berkovi. Both are with Alvarez & Marshal Europe LLP. These administrators have 8 weeks to write a statement explaining what they plan to do with the company.

I have a meeting with Ben Robinson myself early next week to ask him about his experiences, the various Eaglemoss partworks, and more.

Many people, including myself, are in the dark about what will happen with the current subscribers of the partworks that PCT bought out. There is no news regarding how the current subscriptions will continue other than PCT is working on it. CBS, owners of the Star Trek licensing for example, have conveyed that the Enterprise D partwork continuation is their highest priority. Following that, the Starship Collection. I would imagine the other licensors are just as interested to see their IP not be damaged by half-built models they approved.

UPDATE Aug 10, 2022: I just heard back from PCT (directly from the founder/owner Bernard Peres) and he has confirmed their acquisition of some of the Eaglemoss build-up partwork assets. However, he said “At this moment, the transaction covers Europe, but not USA. We are still working on a solution for USA.” PCT has asked for customer patience as they will be contacting all subscribers soon (likely via email).

PCT further confirmed the transaction does include the UK. When I asked which Eaglemoss partworks they acquired, Bernard said “All of them!”. I followed up asking if this also included the Eleanor and James Bond DB5 as they are manufactured by other factories, to which PCT replied “There will be soon official information and there are a few aspects that we cannot disclose at this moment.

I also learned from the ex-buyer from Eaglemoss that while PCT bought the IP and customer databases, they do not have the licensing agreements in place yet and will need to sort that out before they can market/sell anything.

This morning, Tricorder Transmissions on YouTube posted this video containing an audio interview with Ben Robinson in which he talks about the Eaglemoss bankruptcy. I highly recommend listening to this podcast.

Four hours later, Trek Central on YouTube posted their own interview with Ben Robinson.

UPDATE Aug 9, 2022: I have heard from a second source now saying PCT did purchase some build-up partworks from Eaglemoss. I have asked PCT directly and am awaiting a reply. In the mean time, A few more tweets from Ben Robinson giving us a bit more information:

UPDATE Aug 8, 2022: For those that didn’t know, Ben Robinson was the Project Director for the Eaglemoss Star Trek, Doctor Who, James Bond, Orville, BSG, Marvel, and DC collections. When Eaglemoss first went into administration, he was not immediately laid off like many others and could not say much. Today, he was finally let go. What that means for us is that he is now free to speak and he has been quite active on Twitter. I will update this post with any new Tweets or relevant replies as he makes them.

Ben has also replied to a few Tweets which contain additional information:


Only a few minutes after Ben posted his tweets, I heard back from an ex-buyer for Eaglemoss that I have been in contact with. He has just received word that Premium & Collectibles Trading LTD (PCT) has bought out the Intellectual Property (IP), customer databases, and web domains for most of the Eaglemoss build-up collections! Remember, PCT manufactures our Back to the Future DeLorean, Ghostbusters Ecto-1, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, Willys Jeep, Nissan GT-R, and Mercedes 300 SL builds, among many others.

It makes a ton of sense that PCT would assume the licensing and IP for the products their factories already make. What I hope this means is that the collections will be soon be available under one of the PCT brands, such as IXO models. IXO already sells build-up models so they are familiar with creating the instructions and related material. It is worth noting that PCT likely did not obtain the Eaglemoss build-ups that they do not produce such as the Eleanor Mustang and James Bond DB5. I am hoping to see something official from PCT soon.

NOTE: My contact also mentioned that many of the non-build-up Eaglemoss product lines have been purchased by Heathside Trading. It is unknown which collections they bought, but based on their current products, it likely to include the Eaglemoss figurines, busts, among others. This company does not appear to sell direct-to-consumer, so it is possible they bought whatever stock was remaining and will wholesale it out. At this time, I do not know if their deal includes the Starship Collection subscription models.

Overall, I think this is fantastic news! I will keep everyone posted as I learn more…

UPDATE August 7, 2022: This is going to be a long one, so bear with me. I hesitated to share this information before and I ask again that people do not try and contact these companies with queries. If they could sell direct to consumers like us, they already would. They are likely not equipped to handle the warehousing, distribution, sales, marketing, CRM, and customs work needed to send packages to individual customers. Not to mention, someone still has to obtain and pay the licensing for each product – the factories build ‘Under License’ and do not hold the license themselves.

Accepting all of this, here is the data I have gathered so far related to where our partworks are manufactured. This information is based on available bills of lading and my conversations with them. Still, it may not be 100% complete so keep that in mind.

The majority of our partworks are produced by Premium & Collectibles Trading (PCT). PCT is the parent company of brands many of you will instantly recognize, such as: IXO Models, Premium X, IST, and J-Collection. Heck, the bottom of the BTTF DeLorean even has ‘Premium X’ stamped right on it. I have confirmed that PCT is responsible for the making these build-ups:

  • Back to the Future DeLorean
  • Ghostbusters Ecto-1
  • U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D
  • Willys Jeep
  • Nissan GT-R
  • Mercedes 300 SL
  • Porsche 917KH
  • 1966 Batmobile– In October 2021, PCT sent 200 pieces of Issues 1-46 of a ‘Batmobile Build Up’ to Eaglemoss Inc in the US. As they never appeared in customer hands, I believe this was a QA run and to allow work to begin on the magazines. No further shipments were found.
  • Fast & Furious Dodge Charger
  • Knight Rider KITT
  • Iron Man Armor
  • Citroen 2CV
  • Citroen DS21
  • and more…

The next big manufacturer is ELIGOR. Eligor is based in France, but their Chinese factory EHK is responsible for these kits:

  • Eleanor Mustang
  • Mustang GT500
  • Mustang Super Snake
  • Mustang GT
  • Shelby Cobra
  • VW Samba Van
  • Star Wars X-Wing
  • Mitsubishi A6M Zero
  • Leopard 2A6 Tank
  • and more…

A third big manufacturer in China is GRANI & PARTNERS. They are responsible for producing the following builds:

  • James Bond Aston Martin DB5
  • Ferrari 312 T4
  • FDNY Tower Ladder 9
  • Harley Davidson Fat Boy
  • and more…

A number of other China manufacturers created other smaller collections and gifts:

  • PROLINK INDUSTRIAL CO LTD – Created the Starships Collection ships as well as the Enterprise D build-up Shuttle Sets
  • HOLINAIL S A – Also created the Starships Collection ships, XL ships, and Shuttle Sets. Used to manufacture the Mallard train build up.
  • XIAMEN FREEDE INDUSTRIAL CO LTD – Created many of the promotional products, such as: the Nissan GT-R Keychain, Eleanor Mug and Speedometer Clock, Titanic Pocket Watch, Pin Badges, Tool Kits, and Hats.
  • NINGBO ARISTE INTERNATIONAL CO LTD – Created the Eaglemoss Display Bases, Crystal Cases, Solar System, and Screw Boxes
  • ORB GROUP – Created the various Eaglemoss Pin Badge Sets – Willys Jeep/Ecto-1/Enterprise D/Eleanor
  • DONGGUAN CITY JINGLI CAN CO LTD – Created the metal license plates for the DeLorean and Ecto-1. Probably the Eleanor as well.
  • POINTEAST LTD – Manufactured various figurines/busts, scale models, and polyresin plaques (like the ST bridge dedication plaques)

Strangely enough, I have yet to see any court filings regarding Eaglemoss’ administration proceedings, even so much as the official appointment of administrators. Regardless, I have been able to talk with a few different Eaglemoss people (including Ben Robinson). While there is much they either can’t say or don’t know, I feel that Eaglemoss/Hero Collector/Die-Cast Club as we know it will never return.

The good news is, more so than any of the other products Eaglemoss sold, the subscription build-up models were likely a relatively consistent income stream – they just never seemed to have the product to sell. Therefore, I believe some of the Eaglemoss partwork build-ups will be acquired by other companies. Most of these big Chinese factories already do business with the other big partwork companies including Agora Models, DeAgostini/Fanhome/Altaya, and Hachette, so I would not be surprised to see them involved in some way. There is even word that Round2 Models in the US might be interested as well. Round2 are already license holders to some of the biggest brands out there, so this possible option might have some real weight to it.

As of right now, I truly feel there are multiple companies looking to purchase and assume the licensing/production of various Eaglemoss product lines. Not only would these ‘buyers’ be able to acquire new customers, but it would probably also allow existing subscription customers to finish our builds. Of course, these new companies would need to obtain the licensing all over again and that takes time.

Whomever it may be, they would surely help restore confidence in the idea of a long-term model building commitment that Eaglemoss has inevitably tarnished. We all just need to be patient and wait to see what happens…

UPDATE July 28, 2022: I have tracked down the other manufacturers in China that make many of our other partwork models. This includes the James Bond Aston Martin DB5, Eleanor Mustang, Mustang Super Snake, Shelby Cobra, Mustang GT, Shelby GT500, FDNY Tower Ladder 9, Leopard Tank, Mitsubishi A6M Zero, Ferrari 312 T4, Star Wars X-Wing, VW Samba Van, and even the ’66 Batmobile. I have reached out these manufacturers to see what they plan to do with the builds affected by the recent changes at Eaglemoss. I will let you know…

UPDATE July 24, 2022: Someone who claims to be an ex-Eaglemoss employee made a post on a Reddit /r/startrek/ thread regarding their last days with the company. This was an anonymous post from a brand new account, so take this information as possibly inaccurate or false:

“Not sure if someone will see this but I have worked for Eaglemoss for the last 5 years. It has been great for the first few years BUT the past year has been a total shit storm. Most employees care a lot and have been raising the ongoing issues for ages, from improving shipment issues to quality to communication. We have always been told to pipe down. Some of us worked until late nights/ 3 am time crazy hours at times, trying to troubleshoot during the pandemic until administration. So many people quit even before the announcement came out. We are so burnt out and we were so heartbroken when they told us …that’s it. They made the deal with Hachette to buy out and that looked like the best option for customers and staff at that time, but something changed within a few days and it didn’t go through. Not sure which party got greedy.

We are all blindsided. We all lost our jobs but what hurts more for me is I really liked the people and products I worked on. We are not getting paid, and they told us appointing administrations is taking longer than expected. They told us to stop working and not communicate anything at 5:30 pm UK time last week. All the partnerships, influencers, social media, agencies etc. NOT A WORD AS THE NEWS WILL BE OUT SOON.

The stakeholders/directors who made so many bad decisions can’t even take ownership of the mistakes they blame it on the pandemic, Brexit and “other factors out of our control”. There were so many things that could/would have been done or managed better but who knows now.

We can’t even move on because we have to wait for administrators to tell us if we even get some redundancy money. In the background, all the remaining stock has been sold off to private companies basically whoever wants it what’s left of it. The real heartbreak is there is no official statement out for customers, employers, or anything like that so we will never get closure, the place we worked through sleepless nights, tears and mental exhaustion. It hit me like a tsunami when I was interviewing for a company this week and they ask a very simple question ” You have been working in such a passionate industry and fun industry, what has motivated you and what makes you keep on going” I couldn’t answer. I am such a confident and optimistic person (so I have been told and I am there was my team cheering them on saying it will be fine) BUT I couldn’t answer a simple question. I told the interviewer; I am sorry I can’t do this, and I hung up and sobbed. That job could have been the next step I needed but felt like someone trying to find a way out in the middle of Tatooine. All the staff feel so bad for the collectors because just like the employees you won’t get closure.”

UPDATE July 22, 2022: The main eaglemoss.com website and most of its subdomains (en-us, en-gb, en-au, es-es, pl-pl, fr-fr, de-de, etc.) are now offline displaying a 404 Not Found error. Interestingly enough, shop.eaglemoss.com is still displaying a maintenance notice. I had a feeling this might happen. Having the sites up continuing to promote anything could be misleading. The domain is still registered and the DNS entries still exist, the content has just been removed.

Additionally, Eaglemoss created a LinkedIn post saying the ‘news’ is travelling fast, thanks their staff, and attached a screenshot of some of their customer reviews:

This post resulted in many comments from upset customers. Later in the day, someone at Eaglemoss responded to many of these posts with the same answer – “Hi everyone, official communication will be coming soon for consumers, as we are working hard to find solutions.”:

About an hour later, the original post and all responses were apparently deleted.

UPDATE July 20, 2022: I have confirmed that Eaglemoss is definitely in administration and most of the staff have been laid off. The US Customer Service phone number is now disconnected.

On a side note, I have also been doing my best to chase down the logistics chain used by not just by Eaglemoss, but all of the major partwork companies. It has not been easy, but I have finally found the company in China that actually manufactures our 1:8 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 model. This same company also makes the partworks U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, Back to the Future DeLorean, Willys Jeep, F&F Dodge Charger, Knight Rider KITT, Nissan GT-R, and Mercedes 300 SL.

I opened a line of email communication with them and they have been very upfront and honest with me so far. I got to the point of asking them ‘what now?’ and I feel it is important to share their response:

“Be sure that, following the Eaglemoss problem, we are doing all efforts to find solution in order the collectors can finish their model. It may takes a few weeks but we are confident to find solutions with the help of licensors and alternative distributors.”

I am reluctant to share the company name as I do not want them inundated with queries. They are just a diecast manufacturer doing their job and have little to no other information regarding the happenings at Eaglemoss.

As I learn more about the inner workings behind partworks, I feel all of this could be sorted out soon. Not next week, but soon!

July 12, 2022: In the last few days, there have been very disturbing things happening regarding Eaglemoss Collections and their brands Hero Collector and Die-Cast Club. They stopped taking new orders on their US and UK websites. Their eShop in the US is down. The Customer Service and Die Cast Club Facebook pages have disappeared. The Customer Service phone lines and emails in the US and UK are no longer answering.

I tried to find out anything I could from my contacts at Eaglemoss. I then tried to connect to other staff at Eaglemoss via LinkedIn. None of them responded. Then, today, an insolvency trustee from InfolinkGazette posted this to LinkedIn:

This is not good. It means Eaglemoss Limited in the UK (the partner company of Eaglemoss Inc. in the US) has basically declared bankruptcy. It is worth noting that there is a distinction between ‘administration’ vs ‘liquidation’:

“In simple terms, liquidation brings about the end of a company by selling – or liquidating – its assets before dissolving it entirely. Administration on the other hand, is typically utilised when there is a chance of saving a business which is currently experiencing high levels of financial or operational distress.” – Thomson Reuters

This is similar to the difference between a Chapter 11 and a Chapter 7/13 bankruptcy in the US. This ‘administration’ means that a trustee will attempt to resolve the debts of the company via reorganization and try to save the company. I really hope this is the case.

Based on public filings with the UK Companies House, Eaglemoss Limited and its parent company Eaglemoss Capital both appeared to be struggling financially and were saddled with millions in debt. They appear to have received a loan from Santander in April 2022, but now it seems they might have simply run out of money and needed creditor protection. And, if they owed money to the manufacturing companies in China, that may explain why it has been so hard for them (and us) to receive any parts lately.

What this means for my own Eaglemoss builds is that they are effectively put on hold until further notice. This includes the following models:

There is always a possibility that Eaglemoss comes out of ‘administration’ a stronger company or becomes a entirely new company. Another partwork company could also buy all or parts of the Eaglemoss assets, licensing/IP rights, or manufacturing and finish the builds we have already begun. Many builders, like myself, have sunk a huge amount of money into these builds and we all truly want to finish them. Otherwise, we have some very expensive paperweights.

Regardless to what happens, my heart goes out to the entire partwork community, from my fellow customers to any affected Eaglemoss staff and the various partwork modding companies.

As I learn any new information, I will share it here if I can. Stay tuned…

As this post has become very long, I have reversed the order of the entries so the most recent information is at the top for quicker and easier reading.

– MarvelPhx

163 thoughts on “Eaglemoss BANKRUPT!”

  1. I started my DeLorean build a year ago, stopping at Issue 7 for being “out of stock.” During that time, I have purchased mods for the build totaling well over $1,000 – $2,000! Hearing of this news pushed me to a new emotional low, but not surprised as I have learned how crazy that company is run.
    Issue 7 has never been out of stock in terms of the parts. It was due to Eaglemoss’ policy of not shipping an Issue without the magazine/instructions, even though its available for download! So Eaglemoss incontinences their customers because their printer can’t keep up or can’t get the needed supplies to print the magazines.
    Eaglemoss not only added to the aggravation, but financially committed Hari Kari on themselves by unnecessarily stopping a revenue stream! I wonder how much of the -$31 billion was due to policy decisions!
    Eaglemoss also said their stock problems was due to the shutdown, then distribution problems, and a warehouse relocation. Those excuses quickly wore out, when two months ago they told me on a phone call that their changing their ship policy. Too little, too late apparently.
    Eaglemoss failed to notify their customers with honesty on what is going on. Failed to update their website. Eaglemoss also used Facebook as their “website” where 99.9% of business use their website as their primary, and Facebook for other uses. This was unbelievable. Google Eaglemoss or search for “Build the Back to the Future DeLorean,” and your taken to their WEBSITE! Hello!
    Regardless, even Facebook they kept their customers in the dark.

    If a third party is going to bail them out, i.e the “administrators” must also totally reorganize Eaglemoss’ structure. Internal procedures – and total redesign of their WebSite as their Store Front. Add Customer Account information, Order History. Upcoming Orders / Shipments and etc that are industry standard.
    All Build Up Issues should be shipped regardless of a physical magazine. All Instructions / Magazines must be available for download PRIOR to the Build being released, or at least prior to the next Issue release!
    A promise to their customers that all issues of a Build will be sent. Period!
    In otherwords… Total revamp and redesign!
    Else, sell the build ups to another company to take over/resume! But don’t punish Eaglemoss customers!

    1. At the least they could have offered us the remaining parts in bulk at a discount all at one time explaining that they were having financial difficulties and future shipments my be in jeopardy then it would have been up us to purchase the bulk shipments or choose to stay monthly

      1. I remember receiving emails starting in February about them increasing partwork shipments to every two weeks to ‘offset the warehouse move’. I think this was them doing just that, getting everything they had out the door. I am guessing what is left in warehouses is issues/stages that people already have.

        1. i was allegedly going to get my shipments starting on july 30th/ like i mentioned july 9th i asked about the status and all my kits came in and they were prepping the shipment, nothing was in the way [at that time] to me getting my parts. i asked if i could buy all the kits i need just in case Murphy decided to walk in. they said that he doesn’t like model kits, so he wont interfere with your shipments [wow they joke back lol.]. 6 days later this happened. i really want to finish my ecto 1. i dont care about the glass case part just the car. any updates btw?

        1. Heh, I actually did that; in March EM charged me out of the blue for €500,,, I got 2-3 shipments after that… then radio silence. And just a few weeks after the 180 days I had to opportunity for my credit card company to refund me, the news broke EM was bust.
          So not only do they owe me a full model, they also ‘stole’ over €430 from me

          1. You do know that is technically theft asking for a refund of what you have already. once they ship it they charge for the kits. you got the parts so the agreement you had with them was filled. they went bankrupt so they cant continue the agreement, from what i understand only when they ship parts are they on the hook. they “owe” everyone a full model but its only owed once they charge you money for the parts. they cant steal for a service they did render already.

            i feel for you not completing the model, i’m still not done building mine, but asking for a refund on something you have already is kinda not cool.

      2. Totally agree Stephen. I am disgusted at EM, as they clearly had no intention of giving us model builders, ( who have spent a lot of hard earned money on these models), any information as to what has gonewrong. They clearly only thought of themselves & not the poor builders, staff, & the chinese manufacturers. Obviously, they knew about this months & months ago, yet still brought out subscriptions like Titanic. I would have had more resect & understanding, of they had at least given us the chance to purchase the remaining parts in one go, so that we could continue at our own pace, instead of us having lumps of very expensive junk laying around. My Ecto 1 sit on a table, looking like it came from a scrap yard. I hope the Directors ect of EM can feel happy with themselves for causing such stress to us subscribers.They need prosecuting.

      1. I do yes, but I do not want to share it as people will just flood the manufacturer with queries. They are already working hard to get these models back into the hands of consumers.

    2. Yes I am a customer of a DeLorean build up I have paid for my next shipment they took my money and never shipped any parts or anything or let me know about anything I’m just seven issues away of completing my DeLorean which I spent over $2000 in mileage and other accessories this is very frustrating and heartbreaking which my father passed away recently a few days ago we were planning to finish this piece together we never got a chance last few weeks has been hard on me and now to find out that Eagle Moss is done this to the customers it’s unheard of I wish somebody can help me out

    3. The most valuable thing they have is that customer data base it would make so much business sense for the manufacturer’s of these builds Delorean Eleanor etc.. and either Fanhome or Agora to continue these builds they would have customers for life who would purchase more builds. It would also bring confidence back into this type of model builds because people who hear about Eaglemoss leaving customers high and dry will be very apprehensive on trusting another company not say the thousands of Eaglemoss customers who my never purchase a monthly builds again fear of it happening again

  2. This is a disaster, to say the least. I already wondered why I didn’t get on the site anymore and then read about a “bankruptcy” rather by chance. But it is the sad end of a catastrophic policy behind the scenes. Models that are not supplied. Articles that are constantly out of stock. Defective products. Just the screwing up of the customers of the Star Trek Graphic Novel collection is worth a whole chapter. I still have huge gaps.

  3. Hi MarvelPhx,
    I’m in Spain and on the Eaglemoss European page they allow you to subscribe to the Ecto1; Titanic; BttF DeLorean; Mustang 1968; Mustang Eleanor and the Enterprise-D build.
    In all cases I have even selected to pay 12 months in advance (except for the DeLorean which only offers monthly payment).
    Is this a joke?

  4. At least my Enterprise wasn’t TOO far along, I haven’t received a shipment from them since November for parts. Though they did bill me in April for issues 19-23 which never arrived. I was on the verge of cancelling my subscription on that one due to no progress, so it doesn’t hurt TOO bad, but I would have liked to have finished it.
    I wonder if the Enterprise-D is a cursed partwork, as this is the 2nd company to go under while trying to offer up this subject.

    My Willys Jeep is a kicker though, I was about halfway done with the actual Jeep, not including the trailer and AT gun. In fact I received stages 35-38 just two days ago (they shipped two weeks ago). I was really enjoying it and it was really starting to take shape through the last few stages. I do have some hope I may be able to continue that one in some form, as originally it was a Hachette build, so hopefully somebody else can take it over. Again.

  5. Yeah, their policies and restrictions were insane, I was literally e-mailing them and contacting them over the phone telling them to just take my money and ship me and all kits they had available for the Ecto-1. Shows you how bad they were being run when a customer wants to hand you money and they say no. I really hope someone does buy them and I can continue my Ecto-1.

  6. I’ve been a collector of their Star Trek Ship collection and after a few rough years IRL I decided to indulge in the Ecto-1 as a personal treat. I’ve cherished building it for over a year now and didn’t really have any delays in parts. Although one issue was shipped without a magazine but contained a letter with a URL to the magazine online (I don’t understand why they didn’t do this for so many other people) and one slight delay was blamed on swapping domestic delivery companies.

    I agree with what others have already said, it seems odd business decisions have made a mess of things and a lot of people are left frustrated. I only hope the administrators thoroughly check their socials and hashtags to see how we’re all rooting for the return of the products and as Anthony Mendoza says above, we’re still willing to throw our money at them if it means completing out respective builds.

  7. Do you know who manufactures the DB5? I’m up to Pack 65 and hoping to find the factory so that I can reach out to them

      1. How about Eleanor? Would it possibly be the same company that made the Super Snake for Agora since the construction is almost identical?


        1. The Eleanor is manufactured by a different company. Likely the same company who makes the other Mustang-based partworks. I have already reached out to them and will let you know.

          1. No response from any emails or customer services Parts 107 108 109 110 left on the Eleanor build if they’d told me I would have got an earlier shipment I’m sure most would have if they’d said they were in financial difficulties

      2. Same here. I was at part 63 and stopped receiving shipments last August. I kept calling and was told they were out of stock. Hopefully they find a resolution for all of this and we can finish our build.

    1. Robbin:

      Same here. I need Part 63 and beyond. The last parts I received were on 5 February, 2022. I kept calling and they kept telling me “there’s been a delay.” I started to buy parts directly from England through Ebay, but that is an expensive option when I need 24 more parts!
      So, now I have boxes piled up with various DB5 sub-assemblies not knowing when I will be able to finish this car!

  8. Hello marvelPhx,
    Your news of 20-07-22 is frankly very good and opens the door to the hope that we will be able to finish our model.
    If we have to wait a while I think there will be no problem (How long do we wait for Eaglemoss?).
    I expect that this company from China (or any other) will be able to do something.
    Thank you for informing us of this update and for taking care of this issue.

  9. Thanks for the update. I also saw the Linkden post. Really? I posted my thoughts there.
    Anyway. I also reached out to the manufacture you mentioned in your update, which I will, in respect to your preference, not mentioning their name. But I was pleasantly surprised to know who they are; and I did receive the same response as you did. So, consistency is a good thing.
    I’m optimistic. I always try to look forward to the positive until the negative slaps me upside the head. In my thinking, the manufacture wants to sell their products. Right now, one of their major distributors have been eliminated. That hurts their bottom line, not to mention a warehouse of products not moving. That said, they have a huge motivation to find a resolution to this crisis quickly.

  10. MarvelPhx i am saddened to actually find ligit proof of what you said. i last got word from them on parts being resumed shipping for my ecto 1 at the end of this month on july 9th. i hope they come back cause i checked for where to buy the kits and for 1 kit its $30 to $90 usd [no magazine]…… i paid from eaglemoss $50 usd for 4 kits and the magazine…..

    also i came to you for instructions for my build while i worked so i knew what to expect. thanks for making sure we had the instructions online. FYI i haven’t seen a kit since Oct of 2021, i’m stuck waiting for my next kits at kits 1 to 70 built. i hope they come back soon. ill be checking your site for more info.

  11. I had a feeling something was going to happen. Since March one been trying to contact them and get as many parts as possible. I tried to give them money multiple times before they shut down. I just wanted the police light bars and gurney. The rest I can print. Bastards kept lying to me when my payment would be taken out. I was so close!!!

  12. When I first read about this on FB, I thought it was just someone playing a prank, as usual, but emailed Brett at EM for confirmation (several times), but got no response. Then I read Corries statements,& was shocked. I am disgusted at EM, as the least they could have done, is informed the customers, as clearly, they knew about this weeks or maybe months ago. I have spent over £1300 so far on building my Ecto 1, (with extra mods included), & am a pensioner who is struggling with depression. Building this, has been helping me cope, & now I am taking a backward step in my recovery. I can ill afford to lose £1300, due to being on a state pension, & hope this gets resolved before this year is out, or this could mean the end of everything for me, & this will be EM’s fault. If I am able to complete my Ecto 1, it will be the last model I will ever build, as all trust in any company producing these models, has now been destroyed, as I have had similar in the past.( Start models but issues stop being sent half way through).

  13. Buongiorno, sono un vostro abbonato N.xxxxxxx1001 per la Ghostbusters. Sono mesi e mesi che non ricevo nulla, ho rinnovato l’abbonamento tramite la vostra collaboratrice ISABELLA la richiesta di tutte le uscite mancanti, dal N 95 alla fine del modello. Vi prego datemi delle risposte, al momento ho speso più di 1400€ mi dispiacerebbe non terminare il montaggio.
    Un grazie infinito se ricevo delle informazioni.
    Marino Mognetti

    1. Ciao Marino, non sono Eaglemoss, ma solo un altro cliente come te. Capisco la tua frustrazione, ma dubito che Eaglemoss stia leggendo questi commenti.

  14. Oh man – my heart goes out to the Eaglemoss staff and family of brands.

    That said, I have the top half of a saucer section, a completed neck, and half of one nacelle for my Enterprise D build up. So much time and money spent already, I hate to think it will sit in this shape permanently. I wondered why issues quit coming and I couldn’t get in touch with anyone. So disappointing and depressing. My community really loved the once a month live stream of the incremental build.

    Hopefully they can figure out a way to continue the subscription. I mean, I’d even pay outright to get the rest of the parts/issues shipped to me now.

    I’ll keep my eyes posted here for any more news. If you discover a way to get that Ent D build up going again, let me know.

    – Mal

  15. This is so sad…. my issued stopped in 82… I was dreaming to start to build as soon as I received the last issue… what now???

    1. I know the feeling, I’m in the 70s somewhere and I was waiting to start building when I got the final shipment.

  16. Well let’s keep optimistic 🙂 …even if its hard work
    There are models out there to be buildt and lots of people who want to build them (even if they’re not quite a bargain :-))
    I hope EM will recover from this dilemma – it just would be much easier to continue the buildts – but even if not, there must be a company who senses our need to build and make money with it 🙂

    Lets be patient – i know our us-friends have experience in it *twinkle*

    Live long and prosper (and build soon)

  17. How long does this process in the UK typically take to come to a conclusion? If EM does come out of this, their name has been tainted. It’s not just the bankruptcy, though serious as it is, it’s also their entire (lack of) customer service and processes that places the customer first. All of what we know and have experienced, I don’t see how a company can be effective with a name associated with “bankruptcy”, “poor customer service,” “stock problems,” to name just a few.

    1. I cancelled my Enterprise D let’s face it it’s a terrible build , light leaks gaps some of the escape pods not painted the the unbelievable wiring, something that could have been simply done with LED strips, and the biggest thing there is no way that the saucer is going to attach to the model i plus it’s going to take at least 10 batteries . I don’t think any company would take this on it’s a customer service nightmare and not good for a company’s image

  18. This is such a bummer but will try and remain optimistic. I only got the first two shipments of the RMS Titanic build and was so excited to build this. I am glad I am only a little over $60 in and feel bad for those who are halfway through multiple builds. I hope we can all finish these!

  19. Thanks for this information. Eaglemoss was extremely non communicative. I always felt like they were singling me out and punishing me (by not sending monthly shipments). I see now I was just another victim. I suspected they were going this way. Master Replicas I seem to recall had similar issues – however here, this was a long term build (I am on issue 47 I think of the Enterprise D Build). Feels almost like some of the recent payments and shipments were fraudulent . . . if they knew or should have known they could not fulfill the contract. As that had to have been licensed from Paramount, wondering if Paramount could find a new company to finish it out. I hate even saying this . . . but I would pay more to get all the issues all at once.

  20. Good afternoon,
    Today I received an email from Shop.startrek.com with a title that says “STAR SHIP HAVE LANDED”.
    Here is the link: https://shop.startrek.com/collections/starships
    They are the ships from the “Star Trek Official Starships Collection” by Eaglemoss. They seem to be from the XL collection.
    At the moment there are 4 ships.
    2 of them at lower prices and the other 2 at normal Eaglemoss prices.
    They are not available on the Europe site
    This is the first time that Startrek.com offers Eaglemoss products for sale.
    What could have happened?
    Are they trying to cash in or will Startrek.com bring back the franchise?

  21. I just left the following message at paramount.com. I do not know if it helps . . . (if anyone else thinks it might, perhaps you also could send a message – the link to where I left it was: https://www.paramount.com/contact-us)

    “Paramount licenses a company, EagleMoss, to make models and replicas of the Star Trek(r) ships. They are of good quality. I am one of the people that subscribed to build the Star Trek Enterprise D Model from EagleMoss – basically, I was supposed to get 120 separate kits, 4 per month, to complete the model. The total cost would have been about $1,300 and would have taken 30 months. Eaglemoss is now apparently bankrupt – it has been reported. In any event, you cannot contact them, and they stopped shipping the model parts, and their phones are disconnected. I know I speak for a lot of your and Start Trek fans here – and ask if there is anything that you could do for us that subscribed to this model kit. I am out over $500 (they stopped sending the kits at about issue 45 for me, still have about 75 issues to go). I do not want a refund, I actually want to complete the kit, and would be happy to pay even more to do so . . . the people who designed this kit worked hard on it.”

  22. I have only received kits 1-14 of Enterprise D. Only built the first 4 of them(the starboard engine). I also had a subscription to the De Agostini GT40 but have not received anything past Pack 8 in over a year. DeAgostini assures me they are working on getting the subscriptions moving again.

  23. Def will be following this closely here, seems like the best source of news by far. Only on issue 80 of the delorean and like everyone been waiting for months for the next delivery and nada…. Praying I don’t have to finish using the auction route as prices are already ridiculous…. Probably a dumb question, but was eaglemoss the only distributor? Great work on contacting the manufacturer I applaud your efforts! The only bright spot so far in all of this so thank you again and will keep my fingers crossed with everyone! 🤞🏽

    1. The 1:8 BTTF DeLorean is/was also distributed by DeAgostini in Japan. You can usually find issues being sold on Amazon Japan (amazon.co.jp).

    1. I do know who manufactures the Eleanor in China and I did reach out to them. However, we cannot buy parts directly from them due to many things, mostly the licensing.

      1. Im starting to lose faith in this.
        I was so reluctant to start a subscription and was starting to get calm as i got all the way to 58. I was even thinking positive with the administration.
        But now after all this time without any news I am starting to despair.
        Lots and lots of money put into this and apparently into the bin.
        Im really so let down with this whole situation, the conpany and the whole idea of partworks
        No way i will be touching a partwork again.

        Im keeping an eye on this post as you are the most informative source throughout this situation.
        Please keep us updated.
        And thank you

        1. I have completed issue 98!!! Only a couple of deliveries to finish the build. Have been looking at what to do next but having second thoughts now.

  24. If they liquidate that customer data base is worth a a lot of money maybe Hachette Agora or Fanhome will buy that it ,they get a huge customer data base without all the hassle of buying a bankrupt company with all that debt and I imagine legal problems

  25. J’ai de la peine pour tous ceux qui sont en pleine construction, j’ai heureusement “fini” la mienne avec quantité de difficultés, bon, j’ai quelques pièces cassées, des erreurs de montage, mais je suis à peu près content du résultat. Cette construction a été un parcours du combattant, je ne compte même plus, les quantités de mails, d’appels, de réclamations, de remboursements non reçu, d’envois forcés et facturés et j’en passe. j’avais tellement de numéros neufs en double, que je les ai tous vendus sur Ebay à un prix assez bas quand je vois qu’aujourd’hui, il y a encore des gens qui se permettent de vendre un numéro épuisé dans les 100€…
    Je ne suis pas franchement étonné de la banqueroute de cette entreprise mal gérée. Si Hachette reprend, ce sera un peu mieux, mais bon, leur service client est pas top ! surtout pour les abonnés, j’étais abonné Titanic, j’ai annulé tellement ils mettent des mois à envoyer les colis, résultat, 20 numéros de retard par rapport aux sorties presse hebdomadaires. Concernant la Delorean, j’ai encore un carton de pièces en vrac et une quantité impressionnante de vis de tous modèles, si ça intéresse quelqu’un….
    I feel sorry for all those who are in the middle of construction, I fortunately “finished” mine with a lot of difficulties, well, I have a few broken parts, assembly errors, but I’m pretty much happy of the result. This construction was an obstacle course, I don’t even count the quantities of emails, calls, complaints, refunds not received, forced and invoiced shipments and so on. I had so many duplicate new issues, that I sold them all on Ebay at a fairly low price when I see that today, there are still people who allow themselves to sell an out-of-print issue for 100€ …
    I am not frankly surprised by the bankruptcy of this poorly managed company. If Hachette takes over, it will be a little better, but hey, their customer service isn’t great! especially for subscribers, I was a Titanic subscriber, I canceled so much they take months to send the packages, result, 20 issues behind the weekly press releases. Regarding the Delorean, I still have a box of loose parts and an impressive amount of screws of all models, if anyone is interested….

    1. Yes have you been to the Round 2 web site . They bought AMT, MPC, Lindberg and And some other models they get all the molds etc and then reproduce the classic models with modern day improvements If you go to there web site they are also big in die-cast cars . Click on their license brands they hold a lot of licenses . This would be a good fit for us.They already have licenses for Star Wars , Star Trek , Bond, They also have licenses For Ford , GMC, and many more .Let’s hope this happens it would be a very easy transition

  26. Thank you for continuing to update us. Pleae continue, as this is the only way I’ve been able to find this information.

    Hopefully Administration works out in all our favour.

  27. Thank you for keeping us informed, (something that EM never thought about doing). Hopefully, thi will be resolved soon, as I am getting really fed up of staring at my sorry state of a so-called model of Ecto 1. Only managed to get to issue 25 then nothing.Will wait until the beginning of December, then if no resolution, Ecto goes in the bin, as no one would be interested in purchasing a part build with no promise that it can be completed.

  28. Round 2 would most likely buy the US end of the business.That’s good they bought AMT, MPC and others they hold licenses for all the American car companies they have licenses for Star Wars Star Trek they have license for James Bond George Barris and many more so for any Ford Build and Star Trek build they already have the licenses. If you go to the website click on licenses it show the many licenses they have the on they don’t have is Universal that’s the Delorean but I am sure they would also get that in the sale .Also check out all the car and Star Trek models they sell along with all the Die Cast this is a great fit for them .

  29. Hi Todd,
    You are a machine.
    EVERYONE in the community should be grateful to you for the incredible research work you have done.
    I sincerely hope that at some point in the future we will be able to finish the Enterprise-D.
    Exceptional work.

  30. First, I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts in providing information as to what is going on with Eaglemoss and their various distributors. The lack of information from Eaglemoss is disappointing.

    Second, I also am impacted by this, my first parts build is the Enterprise D. Up to issue 20 like most people. I have packed it away and am watching with baited breath to see if something good can come out of this.

    And third, my heart goes out to all the Eaglemoss employees, contractors and their families that are impacted by this. Thoughts and prayers that they weather this turmoil.

  31. What I understand from your latest update (Aug 8, under Hugh News!) regarding PCT buying out the IP customer databases for most of the Eaglemoss build-up collections, such as the BTTF DeLorean, Enterprise D, Ecto-1, (to name a couple) that there is a glimmer of hope that we can complete our builds under PCT by their distributors such as IXO Collections (Models)?
    If that turns out to be correct, then we would receive an email from someone to move forward . . . hopefully that light at the end of this tunnel could mean daylight to this nightmare!

    Thank you for your constant attention and updates to this story.

    1. PCT/IXO does have a distributor in the USA: American Excellence Trading Corporation. However, their Porsche 917KH is sold via Agora Models. Either way, I think there will be ways to start/complete the PCT builds in the US.

      1. Do you think they will be able to find a Solution for the builds here in the US I am building the Delorean 58 issues in .Eleanor but only the first pack so no big deal and Titanic only about six in so those 2 no concerns but the Delorean I am concerned And thanks for keeping us posted something Eaglemoss should have done

        1. I definitely think they will sort out the US market. PCT/IXO already sell their partworks via Agora, so that might be a possible option. I think it really depends on if they can get US licensing.

        2. Thanks for the info I really don’t expect anything till the end of the year so let’s home Agroa gives us in the US a nice Christmas gift What’s your thoughts on Agora thinking of the Titanic or the Maserati

          1. I agree that it will take a few months to sort all of this out, so I recommend people just be patient. As for the Agora/Hachette Titanic and Miura, the Titanic is good but I am having a fun time making it more accurate. The Miura so far has been fantastic!

  32. Marvel Phx-How can we thank you enough for this information? Above and beyond to the many of us who have been left out in the cold by Eaglemoss…I started Eleanor and am waiting on Issue 60+. I almost signed up for the Enterprise, Bullitt Mustang and Barris Batmobile-so glad I did not. I wanted to use Eleanor to determine if it was a good model. I had reached out to Eaglemoss and Denise Halicki’s licensing group and have not gotten any response. You have made me a follower for sure and I can’t thank you enough for leading the charge in this scenario.

    1. It is my pleasure to help out. I have at least three unfinished EM models now, so I have as much concern as other builders in knowing what the future holds.

  33. Thanks for all the updates. I haven’t found much regarding the Titanic build. Do you have any information on this? Thanks!!!!! I was so excited to get this going then nothing..

    1. I could not find any information about the Eaglemoss wooden Titanic, so I have no clue what will happen with that build.

      1. If you go to a site called The Ancient Mariner and check out the Titanic By Amati that is the model you can purchase it for about 400 dollars Eaglemoss added a few bells and whistles but that’s the model talk about a mark up it is out of stock now

  34. This is an amazing thread and I check on it frequently. Out of curiosity, does ELIGOR manufacture the Millennium Falcon as well as the X-Wing. Im coming to the end of that one. I only have six packs left and I believe month 21 or 22 is out of stock from Deagostini currently.

  35. I am dying inside over this. I have been subscribed for so long, I have 24 issues left to receive, which would get me to 130, which is when I was going to begin building. I have been using this as something to look forward to. Something to know there is something to look forward to anymore. Please, whoever is in charge of the IP, whoever bought the rights & our info/customer database, my head is spinning. Please make this right for existing subscribers. I had upped my frequency to 16 issues a month because I had a feeling something was not right. I just had a hunch.

  36. Hi, im building the Eleanor for half a year. In your last update you said that Pct is gonna take over but are the also doing the Eleanor build also or is someone els gonna take over?

  37. I cannot believe this! I have a rolling chassis for a Mercedes 300 and now I’m stuck. Hopefully someone will make this right.

  38. Once again Todd you’ve gone above and beyond for the part works community – this thread has provided more detail and insight than anything Eaglemoss have put out over the last 2+ years! Let’s hope the latest news proves as positive as it sounds – for the sake of everyone stuck part way through their builds, and for confidence in part works in general.

  39. Thanks to you for the information shared.
    I am from Germany and I am a professional Modelmaker who worked on ID4 and other movies.
    I am also a builder of the ECTO-1 at the moment and have built five DeLoreans as well as many other kits from other companies.
    In Germany Eaglemoss left all customers alone. They simply erased the websites, the customer service pages and phone no. and vanished.
    I found out that Eaglemoss is broke on July 22th just by accident and because I know English.
    I managed to get my last payment back, because in Germany it is possible within 6 weeks to return a withdraw done by Eaglemoss from my account. They had taken the money on 09.June 2022! Just two days after the last shipment arrived.
    So I am having a web shop and webside too, I linked you page to it for all who didn’t get any information at all.(I hope that’s OK with you. If not let me know).
    I left a comment on Trustpilot on this practice and 138 people responded only in Germany. This means each of them had lost about 1000 Euro each. That’s 139000 Euro loss just around here!
    All these people hope they get the missing parts. I am at issue 102, so 38 are missing by now!
    I am just glad it didn’t happen while I was doing the Deloreans (six of them)!

    I do sell the DeLoren completely built and as a originally wrapped kit too. See my shop for detail.

  40. The purchase is only covering Europe here in the US we are still in limbo meaning it’s going to be a long time if ever we finish our builds

  41. I am building the DeLorean. I stopped at issue 90 for a variety of reasons.
    In the meantime, I kept getting deliveries up to the end of the build, so I should theoretically have all the parts I need to finish.
    I haven’t yet had time to review for anything missing or damaged, though, I intended to do that as I was building.
    I will be sad if I come across missing/damaged parts. x.x

  42. I don’t think that PCT would purchase the customer data base and not and get these builds finished . It would make no business sense to just write off millions of dollars, Euro, Pounds plus they have to restore trust in this type of model builds. It would make no sense to say oh well we can’t help you but would you be interested in some of our other builds , I don’t know about you or others out there but probably tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine .I truly feel by the end of the year we will be receiving our parts

  43. Thanks for posting these updates.

    I’ve only got a few magazines / parts for Ecto 1 and emailled Eaglemoss just the other day (I see now my email won’t get read!) to see where my next shipment would be.

    But really thank ful someone is documenting it as I’d have been none the wiser else.

    I am based in the UK. If there is anything you need, hit me up!

  44. They got me! After ‘not’ receiving deliveries for two months, AFTER two months of money was taken out of my bank account, on two separate months/occasions (approximately $172 total), I started calling, constantly. Same woman answered the phone, every time… and she blew the same smoke up my ass, every time! They owe me $172 for goods that were paid for but ‘never’ delivered! Yeah… “I’m pissed!”

  45. All I hear about from people is concern of their Star Trek build ups – the Enterprise D and other Star Trek models. Though I think that’s important, and I do hope and pray they can finish their builds / collections – and everyone else who is at whatever build/ stage they’re at. – but for those of us building the BTTF Delorean; I’m still thinking I flushed $2,000 + in mods and other preparations down the. . .
    It would be nice to know if that build up is on anyone’s mind as they discuss Eaglemoss customers

    1. If they bought out “All of them” like they say, I think the DeLorean will be just as important to continue/finish as the Enterprise. Same with the Ecto-1. Between Universal City Studios and Sony/Columbia as the respective licensors, they have to be in the same mindset as CBS/Paramount not to want their IP damaged by unfinished products out there.

      1. My fingers are crossed, and I hope the best for all of those who have been on their builds for much longer than I was. My current losses are ‘nothing’ as compared to those of some folks who have been building for a long time. I’m going to stay positive about this and hope that ‘all of us’ will someday be able to get back on track with our builds, and eventually finish them. I won’t say that Eaglemoss is too big to fail, because they are not, however. There’s also a lot of money to be made, from the Eaglemoss brand, should someone who is ‘qualified’ steps up to the plate and sets their sights on hitting a profitable home run out of Eaglemoss’s old, poorly managed ball park!

  46. Thank you for the info you have been giving here. You have given me hope that my ecto build isn’t over before it’s done. I also wish to thank you for your insightful instructions. They are my go to over the official instructions! Very much appreciated!

  47. Everything is going to work out but it’s going to take time . First all the assets have to be sold that’s going to take time then with whatever comes from that the creditors will have to be paid everything from Manufactures , Lease holders etc.., and until they are not a company any longer then the Licenses will have to be transferred reapplied for don’t know how that will work then new company is going to have to go over the whole customer base figure out who is where then contact you so you can sign up with them with them giving them all new info to bill you and then shipping will start .So in closing it won’t be till at least the end of the year or early next year

    1. I’m sure the tooling is already completed, so it is likely just a matter of someone buying out the build and licensing then distributing it again. I am building it too and I think we need to wait and see.

  48. Hi

    I’m on pack 102 and i only need 8 more packs to finish my eleanor mustang. Does anyone have an update as to when there might be some news on someone taking over the build of the eleanor mustang?

    I’d hate to not finish this being so close to the end.

  49. When you interviewed him was this solution only in Europe and UK is the US market still up in the air

    1. Before I asked to start recording the video, he did say the deal involved only the EU assets as that was where most of the stock was. I firmly believe they will find a way into the US.

  50. Thank you for keeping us updated on the progress. I had completed Back to the Future and the DB5. I’m close to the end of the Enterprise build and just started the Jeep and Ecto1.
    I am looking forward to seeing these great builds back in the US. Thanks again!

  51. There is a new post on YouTube where someone from the US contacted PCT. He sent an email won’t go into to much details it’s on YouTube he asked if he could by parts for his Delorean build he was told that he would be contacted in the near future no pun intended about continuing the build

    1. Yeah, lots of people have been bugging PCT asking them about it. I feel maybe I should not have released the info now.

      1. You can’t blame people it’s really Eaglemoss fault for not informing customers plus they are just e-mail’s they can always hit delete someone besides yourself should just do a blanket email saying we will inform you in the future about your build that would end it

  52. Thanks for the Infos , its Sad for all the Customers .
    i am half way trough the Ecto 1 and hope the Set will go on .
    i will observe your Page for more Updates !

    Thanks Again
    best Regards from Germany

  53. Hi

    So potentially things are looking good for these builds to continue to be available. that is good news. comforting to some people way into a build.

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for making these build websites, as someone that has bought a part build Delorean (with all issues) that these sites are beyond valuable and important for all people looking to mod a build.
    I’m currently stripping down my part-made buy, to then rebuild following your great directions.

    Please, Please don’t delete this site! it’s now my bible!

    Amazing work and dedication and im sure everyone thats used your instructions really value your time and energy in this endeavor.


  54. Sounds like EM didn’t know how to run a business. All the legal mombo-jumbo, legal jargon aside: the bottom line is: wait to be contacted regarding our builds.

    Thank you so much for all your time an effort on this. It’s very much appreciated!

  55. Have only today decide to look into why I had not received anymore ecto-1 parts, I thank you for your very informative post, eaglemoss took a payment from me 1st July (which was last 3month payment for last 3monthly issues), and I received no parts (which wasn’t unusual) until I realised nearly a month and half had gone by, I tried emailing eaglemoss without realising they were no more, I haven’t started my build yet, I wanted to wait until I had full kit, so to find out eaglemoss have not only gone under, but they also stole money from my account, I really do hope another company takes these builds on, as paying well over £1000 for a model kit and not being able to complete it or even get the money back is beyond frustrating, so you know if the possible kit take over companies will get the details/contact info of eaglemoss subscribers? I only ask as I would love to finish my collection asap, but no idea who I would need to contact for my final issues 3months worth I believe, aswell as the acrylic case. Again very grateful of your posts

    1. The latest information indicates that the new buyers will reach out to all subscribers soon. How this will work considering GDPR is still unknown.

  56. Looking forward to a US solution. Just started the Eleanor build right before they went under. Received only the first shipment. Hoping there will be methods to pick up where we left off with new owners. Thanks for all you help informing everyone. Without this we all would still be in the dark.

  57. Are there delays at Agora notice no one including yourself has posted anything new it seems that it’s been awhile thinking about ordering but if it’s like Eaglemoss that has me holding back

    1. I have the next Packs the Miura arriving tomorrow or Thursday I think. The Tower Ladder 9 is awaiting customs release, but is here in the US. Not sure about the others.

  58. Great to find somewhere to get some news about my Enterprise D build
    Very unhappy about the lack of information from Eaglemoss like every else left totally in the dark
    Will pray that I can start getting the parts I have paid for soon
    Stephen Davis

  59. Once they start up again, would it be better for us to notify them on where we are at in the build? (Eleanor).
    I am not sure if the odds of just dropping customers and losing track of where our builds are at.
    Of course that being said, that I have no information to go off of except for what you have so kindly gathered up.
    Thank you very much for your hard work!

    1. PCT said they will be reaching out to subscribers soon. This may be tricky given the rules of GDPR, so I also told them I would be willing to inform my visitors and the entire Partworks Central Facebook community about any updates that may require us to reach out to them and provide contact permissions. My guess is they will provide a way to let them know where in each subscription we need to start at and how to provide payment information – most likely a website form.

      1. Would be interested in the kits for Enterprise to finish build, all went well then nothing started when I was in VA hospital after spinal cord rebuild c2 to c7. if that is not possible, I will give the parts I have to anyone who wants them. I will send list after end of September to Star Trek builder. I have 13 shipments.
        Arthur H Wolf
        US Army EOD Retired

  60. Thank you for this great info ,fron US market and so depressed about my Enterprise D build over 1/2 done and then found out about the demise of EM.
    Again Thank you for the continuing updates.
    Chris LaDeaux

  61. PCT better do something anything to inform the people building their models. This site is the only one up to date however most people don’t click on it , so a vast majority of people have no idea what’s going on . If they don’t do something soon most will just give up and move on and never do something like this again . The total lack of communication is mind boggling this is on Eaglemoss side and on PCT a simple email saying we are working on a solution to all subscribers would be enough

  62. I’m just finding out about this. I was almost to the end of the Delorean build, still need issues #123-130. Is there anywhere I can get these?

    1. Other builders may have spare issues. The Facebook groups are good for this. There is always eBay, but people are overcharging for issues.

  63. Just got an email from eaglemoss saying that they were bought by ixo and asking about gdpr etc in order to contact us as customers.
    Things are moving people and much faster than expected i have to say.

  64. Received an email stating that PCT/IXO had obtained the IP for eagle moss. There was also a GDPR statement and link to their terms and conditions. Not sure if this is good news or not – but I remain hopeful!

  65. Sorry MarvelPhx, i been posting updates to complaints board with your link to complaints against Eaglemoss who are complaining about not getting their subscription kits. they might have not read the whole thing where i mention not to contact the listed companies till the dust settles. do you happen to know yet what the US branch of IXO Collections SDS email is or the one mentioned in the update? i would like to make sure i filter them to my inbox for my email, lately emails from people i gave my email to have been placed in junk and have had to manually send them to inbox. if you want to share it you can always send me a email.

  66. I would like to share some news from my side. Since I was paying my subscription via PayPal quarterly Eaglemoss charged me in June w/o delivering anything. I therefore contacted PayPal last week asking If they could charge back my money.
    To make things short. After 8 days i received a message from PayPal this morning:“

    Wir haben den Fall, den Sie am 28. August 2022 eröffnet haben, geprüft und eine Entscheidung zu Ihren Gunsten getroffen.
    Wir haben Ihnen am eine Rückzahlung über 142,00 € EUR ausgestellt. Es kann bis zu fünf Tage dauern, bis diese Rückzahlung in Ihrem PayPal- oder Bankkonto angezeigt wird. Wenn Sie mit einer Kredit- oder Debitkarte bezahlt haben, wird das Geld Ihrer Karte gutgeschrieben. Je nach Kartenanbieter kann es bis zu 30 Tage dauern, bis die Rückzahlung auf Ihrer Kartenabrechnung ausgewiesen wird.

    Maybe this might encourages they other to try get back their money.

  67. Just some Info for collectors who paid their subscription via paypal:
    Just received the most of my payment (12 month sub.) via the paypal Buyer Protection system.
    Payment must have been within 180 days.
    So after all – no loss on my side – the next issues can come 🙂

  68. This is for MarvelPhx
    In your conversation’s with PCT you might what to suggest they send a general email to US customers simply stating we are working on a solution for the US customer and will be contacting you with further info . If it wasn’t for your hard work no one would know what is going on but there are a vast number of people who don’t know about this site and have no idea what is going on

    1. When they have a solution in place for the US, I imagine we will hear from them. I am sure there are some legal hurdles they need to consider before just reaching out to anyone in the customer database.

    2. i have been posting about this site on complaintsboard[dot]com and have even reached out to customer service requesting a notice be placed on the eaglemoss company complaint page directing people here for information. though thats only to people who visit complaintsboard. if the customer service team reflects my request…..time will tell.

  69. Thank you for providing updates on the Eaglemoss situation. I have Eleanor and like everyone else I am frustrated. The updates coming through here are helpful. I live in the USA and most likely will not get a resolution soon. Hopefully a deal can be reached with a company like Agora, for who I have done a model.

  70. Looks like i got a team [somehow] working with me on complaintsboard making sure people come here for the status when they complain about eaglemoss MarvelPhx.

    honestly i’m surprised at that some of my team i have had disagreeing opinions on what help to give people. though with such a great site like yours why not send them your way?

    any news since the 5th?

  71. Regarding the IXO -EM questionnaire: If I understand the plan as it is, IXO is offering customers to purchase the issues of their builds to completion. If that means purchase all issues at once – that could be very costly, especially for those of us who have just stated their build. For me to buy 157 issues of the Delorean would put me into the pore house!
    Being on a fixed income – I may be looking at what the World of Wayne did with his HMS Victory!

  72. I currently have 3 unfinished eaglemoss builds the enterprise,echto-1 and the eleanor mustang. I’m very interested in continuing all three builds.

  73. Yes I agree the reason why we signed up is to spread the cost over a year or 2 years to purchase the whole model at on time is just to much who has an extra 1,000 dollars lying around if that is the case then nothing has really changed. I have over 70 issues left unless they sell it at cost it’s just way to expensive

  74. I also received the mail form IXO collections.
    I don’t understand where this information or assumption come from that we might need to buy everything at once?

    All they were asking for was:
    – Name
    – Model you are building
    – last issue received
    – subscription type

    Especially the last question makes me assume that they are about to continue the subscriptions from Eaglemoss.
    I think we all should wait and let’s see how things work out before making additional assumptions here.

    1. They asked for Subscription account number, not type. The reason for believing it could be a bulk offer is this line in the survey email “This will help us to send you briefly a detailed offer to receive these parts”. But, anything is possible.

  75. i am building the solar system collection and would like to know how to get all the missing parts to finish it.

    1. I do not know if PCT/IXO manufactured the Solar System, but they likely bought the rights to it. We should find out soon.

  76. I’m mainly interested in the Eaglemoss Partworks Graphic Novels of DC material.
    Have you got any information about the future of this aspect of Eaglemoss’ activities ?

    1. Ben Robinson did mention that there was a solution coming for the Graphic Novels. No other information than that is known.

  77. My last contact with Eaglemoss was in Novembeer 2021 regarding my Nissan GTR build. I was informed they were back ordered on the battery pack (issue #15). Hadn’t thought much bout it for awhile until today. Now it’s unlikely I;ll ever get a notice of anything more. Also have Trek ships in total 175, I guess the ither 225 will ever be seen either.

    1. The GT-R is now available via IXO directly at ixo-collections.com. It is being sold as a Full Kit, however by the end of February they should provide ex-Eaglemoss customers with a discount code for the issues you already have.

    1. If you mean the wooden Titanic Eaglemoss was putting out, I have heard nothing about it coming back to market.

  78. What is happening to the graphic novel collections. I was collecting the DC graphic novels collection, paid for 3 issues I never received even after sending multiple emails to them while they were still replying. And there were only supposed to be 11 issues to go to completion (and one subscriber upsell special).

    Does anybody know what is happening here?

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