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  1. Hello
    My name is Rick and I have come across your page after an extensive search on where to get the remaining parts to complete my eagle mods 1:8 James Bond DB5.
    Like you I had subscribed to eagle miss to build my DB5 and you already know the rest of the story about the build. My question is where can I buy the remaining parts that I need to complete my build. From what I have read and I’m a bit confused either you have the parts or you know what company has the parts to do just that. I am aware that you can buy the issues on eBay and amazon, however, have you seen the prices they want anywhere from $15.00 to $159.00. I have already spent hundreds of dollars on what I have, and I would like to finish this build that been going on for now over 4 years.
    Please if you can help me and or direct me to where I need to go I’d appreciate any and all help.
    Thank you in advance.

    Rick Olson

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