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Ent D Remodel Update

As we quickly approach the end of our Model Remodel version of the Fanhome Enterprise D build, I wanted to call out four (4) new pages I have published containing important information related to completing the transformation. These include:

  • Bluetooth – How it works with Arduino and is used in the remodel
  • Saucer Impulse Engine Mod – Replacing the stock LED with a tiny COB LED Strip
  • The Final Code – The Arduino sketches I am using inside my model
  • Custom Remote Control App – The custom mobile Android application that controls it all

I hope these will help others understand how my Remodel Enterprise works and other fun upgrades we have made along the way!

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Enterprise D Remodel

The time has finally come in my Eaglemoss 1:900 scale U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D partwork adventure for some serious modifications. To document this, I have created a new Model Remodel series of articles around my journey to add more details, realism, and accuracy to my model. Fair warning though, I am going crazy with this one – including everything from resin windows to new lighting and sound effects!

Part One containing my modifications to the reflectors and creating UV resin windows is now available!

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