Apache AH-64D Pre-Order!

Agora Models just opened the pre-order for new 1:24 scale AH-64D Apache Longbow military helicopter model! It is an authentic replica of the infamous flying weapons platform in use around the world, including powered main and tail rotors, lights, sound, plus: missiles (DAGR, AGM-114), missile launchers (M261), storage containers, rockets (FIM-92 Stinger, CRV7), four fuel tanks and ski kit.

‘Since the first AH-64 took flight, no other helicopter in the world has been able to match its unique mix of versatility and operationally-proven capabilities — the Apache is still the most dominant and advanced multi-mission helicopter in the world.’

This monthly build-up subscription build is now available for pre-order with shipping expected to begin in September 2024. You can sign up for this model at the following sites:

Agora US/Worldwide | UK | Germany | Australia/NZ | France | Japan | Italy | Spain | Mexico


  • Number of Parts: Approximately 900
  • Length: 25 3/16” (64cm) – excl. rotors
  • Width: 9 1/16” (23cm) – excl. rotors
  • Height: 8 7/16” (21.5cm)
  • Materials: Die-cast Bodywork with ABS details


  • Start-up, firing and wind-down sound effects
  • Spinning main & tail rotors
    • Independently spinning radar dome & M-TADS
    • Rotors can be folded for storage

  • Illuminating navigation and cockpit lights

  • Interchangeable weapons using magnetic system

  • Opening cockpit canopy, avionics bays and engine compartment

  • Options to vary equipment and ordnance loadout

  • Four national decal sets

  • Display base and full set of maintenance platforms

It seems like I have been asking the partwork companies for a helicopter build for years. I am excited that this Apache Longbow is now available and I hope this garners enough attention that other will follow – my heart would love to see a large Airwolf die-cast come out! If you are also interested in this model, head on over to the appropriate Agora site for your region and sign up!

Agora US/Worldwide | UK | Germany | Australia/NZ | France | Japan | Italy | Spain | Mexico

2 thoughts on “Apache AH-64D Pre-Order!”

  1. How funny that they include decals for the Dutch airforce, yet will most likely not release this model in the Netherlands as so many other part work models

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