’89 Batmobile Trial!

A few weeks ago, Altaya Collectibles (DeAgostini) over in France started testing a brand new partwork – the iconic Batmobile from the 1989 film Batman! We already have other ‘Batmobiles’ available, such as the 1966 Batmobile from Fanhome and the Tumbler from Hachette, but this version is by far my favorite. I could not believe it when I heard about the test and was extremely envious that it was only available overseas. However, thanks to an extremely generous viewer of our YouTube modeling group Hobby Time Modelers, I was sent all four stages of this trial to build and review!

Assembling these stages, I was extremely impressed by the quality, paint, and materials used. While the pictures may not show it, this thing would end up being huge (nearly as long as our Ecto-1 build). And while not all trial partworks make it to a full release run, I wrote this page because I want to do everything I can to see this come out in the US and other countries. From my shop, I will be sending these stages over to World of Wayne so he can showcase them as well. The more interest they receive on this Batmobile, the more likely it will go full run!

The Trial Stages

Stage 1

In the first stage, we build the massive front turbine/hood section. The body panels here are all metal and have been painted in a beautiful matte black. I even wore gloves during this stage so the oils on my skin would not leaves any marks on the surface! Behind the nose cone, there is a multi-part turbine fan that is visible and connected to two pulleys by belts. It appears as if it would be motorized at some point.

Stage 2

In the second stage, one of the massive rear wheels is assembled. Larger than any other partwork wheel I have ever built, the tire is made of rubber with a plastic ABS wheel core. The core is painted a gunmetal grey and includes a nice bolt pattern, valve stem, and a black center section with a silver Batman logo.

Stage 3

Stage 3 moves to the rear of the Batmobile and includes the rear panel with the massive turbine exhaust nozzle. This nozzle is metal with a beautifully painted bluing around the opening. Inside the nozzle are six small jets and a tri-point center section. Behind the center section are three openings which appear to be for future LED lighting elements.

On other side of the central nozzle are four smaller exhaust jet openings. Each of the ten jet openings is capped by a milled aluminum housing – I don’t remember ever seeing milled aluminum parts in a previous partwork and they are simply exceptional!

Stage 4

In the final segment of the trial stages, we build the dashboard. I was impressed not just by the easily readable printed details, but also by the construction. The buttons, knobs, and indicators you see here are not molded into the dashboard itself, but separate pieces that are pressed into it from behind. This allows for even more colors and textures to be included, such as the knurling and markings on the knobs.

The colors of the indicators are pre-painted and included on clear parts that allow us to light this dashboard internally. Large SMD LEDs on small boards are included in this stage (along with a test board that uses a CR2032 battery) to even allow us to try it out.

I took this picture with my phone as it does better in low light, but you can see how the various lights and the large side monitor are illuminated. I am just floored by how good the dash looks and how well they designed the parts to fit together.

Based on the French leaflets and poster that came with the trial parts, I was able to gather some information about the rest of the mode:


  • Scale: 1:8
  • Length: 75 cm
  • Height: 17 cm
  • Materials: Die-Cast Metal and ABS Plastic


These are some of the expected features to be included with the full model:

  • Spinning Front Turbine
  • Extendable Side Fins
  • Lighted Dashboard, Headlights, Taillights, and Exhaust Nozzle
  • Extendable Machine Guns
  • Grappling Hook
  • Other Gadgets


These are the expected FREE GIFTS if the collection goes forward. Note these may change upon full release:

  • Posters (Film Poster, Batmobile, Hero in Action)
  • Mug
  • Notebook
  • T-Shirt – Large size
  • Display Case – 78 x 40cm, 30cm tall, and illuminated


I WANT THIS PARTWORK! Altaya/DeAgostini, if you read things like this – there is no question in my mind that this ’89 Batmobile build needs to go full run. Even though I am aware that full run stages could be different, from what I have seen with these trial stages this one would be an incredible addition to my collection. Please!

2 thoughts on “’89 Batmobile Trial!”

  1. I second that opinion. I really want this as well. It speaks to me way more than the other two Batmobiles.

  2. I have also been a lucky recipient of the 89 Batmobile Trial and I have to agree with everything that Todd is saying. The exceptional quality of the parts, the stunning paintjob and the incredible attention to detail have me wanting for more. We need this partwork now!!!

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