2 thoughts on “300 SL Phases 56-57”

  1. Hi Todd I am progressing on my build and I am at issue 74 “installing the trunk lid”.
    At each step of the way I carefully dipped screws in oil before fastening them to metal and so far had not had a problem. Unfortunately in trying to install the trunk lid, one of the screws snapped and left most of it in the hole. Any idea how to remove the broken screws from the screw hole? Should I just “drill it out” with a Dremel tool?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Oh no! If the shaft of the screw is stuck in the hole, you basically have two options. Try to drill out (not recommended as the die-cast metal is soft zinc and easily damaged by a drill), and just attach the part and super glue the broken screw head back into the hole. This second option is especially nice if the screw is hidden anyway.

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