2nd Optimus Prime Announced!

It looks like we are not going to have one, but TWO large-scale Transformers Optimus Prime partwork build-up models to choose from. It began with the 1:8 scale Gen 1 Optimus Prime from Agora Models announced back in September 2022 with an April 2023 release date. Now, out of nowhere, the Fanhome US and UK sites are advertising a new 1:10 scale Optimus Prime from the Michael Bay movie universe!

Standing 23 inches tall, this Fanhome Optimus Prime will feature lights and full articulation. However, it is not known if it can fully transform.

It appears this is the same model that was tested in France under the Altaya brand about a year ago. That test must have been successful as Fanhome is asking prospective customers to sign up to be notified when this build launches in full around June 2023.

TIP: If you click the ‘Notify Me’ button on the Fanhome website, make sure to type in your email address manually (do not use autofill or copy/paste). Spam prevention will block the other methods. If it goes through correctly, you should receive a confirmation email almost immediately.

Fanhome US: https://www.fanhome.com/us/movie-series/optimus-prime-transformers/

Fanhome UK: https://www.fanhome.com/uk/movie-series/optimus-prime-transformers/

I love that we all have choices in our small partwork market, and between these two models, I am hoping that the Transformers fans out there will be able to build one or both of these Optimus Prime partworks!

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