Jaguar E-Type Announced

Another brilliant large-scale model is available for pre-order: this new 1:8 scale 1961 Jaguar E-type from Agora Models!

“Designed by aeronautics engineer Malcolm Sayer, the sleek, sculpted lines turn heads as much today as they did in front of the world’s press in 1961. Our model of the roadster version provides an opportunity to enjoy every inch of its perfect lines – inside and out. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to imagine themselves cruising through the countryside, wind in hair, feeling like Tony Curtis or Brigitte Bardot? However, the E-type’s appeal was as much for its driving as for its looks, with its brilliant XK engine capable of producing 265bhp and shooting the E-type to 150mph.

You’d definitely look stylish driving one of these full-size roadsters, but building and owning your own at 1:8 scale gives a new opportunity to enjoy an extreme level of detail. Let your imagination take you for a ride…”


Scale: 1:8
Materials: body and chassis made from zamak metal, ABS components, rubber tyres and replica leather upholstery.
Length:  55 cm (22″)
Width:  21 cm (8″)
Height:  14 cm (5 1/2 “)
Number of parts: approximately 500

This model is supplied pre-painted.

  • Functioning headlamps and taillights
  • Windows go up & down by turning the handle
  • Engine sound when the accelerator pedal is pushed
  • Stop lights go on when the brake pedal is pushed
  • Steering wheel operates front wheels
  • High-quality-finish red paint
  • Tan interior with replica-leather bucket seats
  • Optional luggage rack sits on the boot
  • Wire spoke wheels

Head on over to the Agora Models Jaguar page for more information!