007 Collection Announced!

On Christmas Eve 2022, Agora Models premiered a reveal trailer for an upcoming model collection:

This is a first in the partwork world – a set of eight (8) James Bond 007 1:8 scale partwork cars! Officially licensed by Danjaq and MGM Studios, these 1:8 scale models will be start being released in Summer 2023. The first car available will be the awesome, iconic and gadget-laden No Time To Die Aston Martin DB5.

Other models shown on their website include the Aston Martin Vanquish, Volante, DBS, and DB10, as well as the Jaguar JXR Convertible and submersible Lotus Esprit. It appears that Agora is scanning the vehicles in the Bond in Motion collection that is traveling around the world:

Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea and look forward to seeing all of the great models they bring to our market.

Check out the Agora Models 007 Collection page for more details!

11 thoughts on “007 Collection Announced!”

  1. I wonder what this means for the people who were partway through the Eaglemoss DB5 when the company failed. Of the four Eaglemoss kits I was working on, that was the one that was closest to done (about 2/3 complete). It sounds like these are new scans, so I’m guessing it means the old model will not be resumed and, given licensing, PCT won’t have it either.

    1. Yeah, the EM DB5 was not manufactured by PCT, but by Grani & Partners. The FDNY Tower Ladder 9 fire truck from Agora is also made by Grani & Partners, so we know the relationship with Agora already exists. Since Agora is now licensed for James Bond, it is possible that the ‘Goldfinger’ era DB5 that EM sold will return in some way. It would make a lot of sense to use the Grani molds/designs that have already been created. Time will tell!

  2. At first I was very excited about this because I have a bond car collection of other models already going. But now I’m worried about my half completed Goldfinger DB5. The Agora website shows a picture of the Goldfinger DB5 but there isn’t any mention of it. So close but yet so far?

    1. I have a feeling that Agora is going to ‘re-release’ the Eaglemoss Goldfinger DB5 as one of the 007 Collection models. My hope is that they update the instructions!

      1. I reached out to Agora Models customer service regarding the Goldfinger DB5. They confirmed for me that they are not continuing the Eaglemoss DB5 as all of their Bond models will be completely new-tooled. They have no plans for the Eaglemoss DB5.

      2. This has been confirmed. Any DB5 included in this Agora Models 007 Collection will be an entirely new model and has nothing to do with the earlier DB5 that was distributed by Eaglemoss. The parts will not be the same and can not be interchanged.

        1. Well, that sucks. It’d be nice if they could at least give us a discount based on the parts we’ve already bought like IXO is doing with the Willys Jeep, Mercedes 300SL, and Nissan GT-R. It’s really frustrating to have put out so much money that is basically amounting to flushing it down the toilet because there’s no way to finish the model. Ugh.

          Thanks for all you’re doing to keep everyone updated on this stuff.

          1. Business is business. Agora Models is not responsible for the fallout from the downfall of Eaglemoss, including Eaglemoss’ debts and any obligations they made to customers. Sadly, Eaglemoss basically failed and screwed us all. Since Agora’s 007 models will be all new designs, their parts wouldn’t fit the EM DB5 anyway. It is still possible that someone else will pick up the EM DB5 partwork build and continue it at some point.

    1. The 007 Collection is from Agora Models. I believe the DC3 partwork was from DeAgostini/ModelSpace. I would reach out to them about it.

  3. This looks like an exciting project! One small nit-pick; The Living Daylights car is often, erroneously called the “Volante”. That terms simply applies to any AM that is a convertible, which the car is in one scene of the film. The correct name for it is simply “Aston Martin V8”. If it has a certain engine spec it would be a “V8 Vantage”.

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