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I was first exposed to partwork models in 2016 when I saw an online advertisement for the Eaglemoss 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean. That car (and the films) are one of my top favorite vehicles of all time and I wanted a big display version of it! Unfortunately, back then, it was only available in Europe and I live in the US.

Then, in 2017, Eaglemoss released the DeLorean build in the USA. As exciting as that was, I still could not commit to it financially. It took almost two more years, into late 2018, before I was comfortable enough to sign up for the subscription and start building my own model!

Before I even received my first parts, I watched others build the car online, I followed build forums and Facebook groups. I discovered a community of people that are incredibly helpful, friendly, and compassionate about the same things. I knew I could help others by sharing my own build experience too. I bought a domain name, set up a basic WordPress site at mybttfdelorean.com, and wrote basic how-to articles for each issue. I knew pictures spoke louder than words, so I installed some bright studio lighting and used my Canon DSLR to take photographs of the progress.

That first build site grew and grew fast over the next two years. I added more details and more information. I even drove to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles and took hundreds of pictures of the real hero ‘A’ DeLorean to share with the community. The feedback was positive and it was helping people, which makes me feel wonderful. I was enjoying the DeLorean build experience so much, I signed up for two more builds and created sites for them too: my300sl.com and mynissangt-r.com.

By this point, about mid-2019, I was head over heels into building these large-scale models. I signed up for the Eaglemoss James Bond DB5, DeAgostini R2-D2, Dodge Charger, as well as the Hachette Terminator T-800 (which I had to get shipped over from the UK). All of these partworks got their own build sites too.

Come late 2019, Eaglemoss announced the Ghostbusters Ecto-1. Of course, I signed right up and started yet another build site in January 2020. Here I was trying to manage the builds, pictures, editing, writing hosting, WordPress, plugins, security and maintenance on nine different websites all at the same time. By mid year, I started to think I needed to centralize these sites somehow and the idea of myPartworks.com was born! The timing couldn’t be better as I had just added the Eaglemoss Mustang Eleanor and Enterprise NCC-1701-D to the party for early 2021.

Since then, I have created additional build sites for the FDNY Tower Ladder 9, RMS Titanic, and Lamborghini Miura large scale partwork builds from Agora Models.

– MarvelPhx

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  1. Hello Marvel.
    I just completed the 100 issues of the Nissan but have issue 81 metal mov part broken… I am happy to buy it if you could retrieve that for me… EagleMoss doesn’t want to help me as restricted by Region. I have also many doublons (you never know). I will start the engine buil shortly (30 issues)… Enjoy your build and greeting from Belgium 😉

    1. Unfortunately, I do not have any spare GT-R issues and we do not have the ability to order single issues in the US. Anything here is subscription by mail only, we can’t even buy these in a store.

  2. Hello MarvelPhx, I finished the Eaglemoss Gullwing today! Very cool model. I also have the Aston 007 DB5. I didn’t realize that T-800 1:2 was available, and that will likely be my next project. I appreciate the great work you have done on the website and have accessed it for tips, including today to figure out how to assemble the 300 SL specs plate properly since no instructions for it were provided. Have you built up the ’67 classic Batmobile? I definitely want to do that one, but it’s not available in the US. Do you have a backchannel? You can fell free to contact me at my email address. Thanks, Alden

    1. Thank you for the kind comments! I am looking forward to completing the 300SL too. Should be coming up here shortly. The T-800 is available in the US from Agora now, but when I started, I was importing it from Hachette in the UK via a forwarding service. Unfortunately, this is really expensive. I am about to post Issues 91-98 here soon of the T-800 and the next 8 issues should arrive this week. I really want to get it done. As for the ’66 Batmobile, the last I heard was that it did not have enough interest and has been put on hold again. Maybe if enough people register interest with Eaglemoss, it will see the light of day!

  3. My husband has purchased the James Bond DB5 but has not started to put it together. When I found your site, I bookmarked it and also sent it to him. I told him there was a lot of good information for him to see when he goes to do the build.
    You haven’t done the Willy’s Jeep yet, have you? He has just started ordering that kit.
    Thank you & glad I found your page.

    1. Hello! I hope he finds my DB5 build site useful! As for the Willy’s Jeep, I am not building that model. It was just a bit too much green for me, ha!

  4. Your build of the Enterprise has been immensely helpful. Thank you.
    Now to give back to you.
    I have discovered that metal foil tape used for HVAC is much much better than electrical tape for blackout.
    It sets up very easily.
    Very easy to cut once in place.
    Provides a reflective surface that increases the brightness of the lit windows.
    Absolutely blocks the light of course.
    I now place the escape pods, place the blackout windows, foil tape pods and windows, then place clear windows.
    This really helps speed up the process as a bump spills only a couple clear windows.
    I am blacking out the edges with artist black tape, like what use used for the engines. This is to cut down any light escaping into the skeleton as we have learned from the cobra head.

    One question for you:
    Are you placing yellow and blue windows based on the screen model or are you just doing random locations?

    1. Thank you! I could see aluminum foil tape also working to block out the light. I have another couple things I want to try, stay tuned.

      As for the windows, some are to match the studio models and some are just random. The specific ones I’ve made yellow to match the models is the observation lounge and on the neck. The saucer windows don’t have much color change on the models, so I am just being random there.

  5. Hey – I’m in need of Terminator teeth – would you be interesting in selling the original ones that you swapped out?

    1. Since I glued in the original teeth, they were pretty much destroyed when I removed them and I threw them away. Sorry!

  6. Hello, I am contacting you in the hope that you might have an idea as to get the replacement teeth for Hachettes Terminator T800, I have tried contacting the company Model Modz by e-mail, telephone and post without success. I can only assume that they have gone out of business and would be interested to know what company manufactured the replacement teeth in order to contact them regarding getting a set made.
    I realise this is a long shot and understand that you might not be able to help me, its just that I have run out of ideas on how to solve my dilemma

  7. Dear Sir…..love your builds…My name is Ricardo and I live at Argentina….I bought this (to build togheter with my 5 years old son) Mercedes Benz 300SL -100 magazines (here was offered by a very popular newspaper) but the company who sold it to me left me without 8 important magazines and I cannot find them anywhere..maybe you can help me somehow….the numbers are 63-64-65-66-75-76-77-78….(numbers match yours since it is same Eaglemoss collection). I wrote to Eaglemoss but they said that they cannot help me. I really want to finish this car..can you help me? If not do not worry you already helped me a lot with your detailed explanation about how to build it…thank you so much.

    1. I try to put enough in my articles that you don’t really need the magazines. Are you wanting them for the articles?

        1. Unfortunately, I do not have a way to model parts for you. You either need to contact Eaglemoss or find them online at auction sites like eBay. Unfortunately, the auction sites can be very expensive.

  8. Hi Marvel,
    I recently bought the built Nissan R35 model (not Nizmo) and plan to rebuild as it. However, I dont have the magazines. Any ideas on where I can get the magazines 1 to 100? I dont need any spare parts. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  9. Looking to purchase a fully assembled Muira or pay someone to assemble for me
    Are you interested or know of anyone who will ?
    thank you

  10. Hi
    Can you please tell me when I will start receiving the rest of the parts I need for my Eleanor build. I am getting frustrated because I already spent a lot of money and I would like to finish and I still have along way to go. So please let me know.

  11. Hi
    I’m writing from England about the James Bond Eaglemoss 1/8 DB5.
    I am in the process of purchasing a built up model but would like to know exactly what functions / effects should be working and if there is an operating guide,
    as I obviously don’t want to purchase a dud.
    The purchase includes all of the 86 magazines including dust cover.
    Is there any guide to the value of of the complete package?
    Hope you might be able to clarify.

  12. I have 5 builds started and I want to finish them but I have not been contacted by ISO Collections as of today and I was wondering if you have any contact info I could use to get in touch with them??

    1. The DB5 was not manufactured by PCT/IXO, but by Grani & Partners. It is unknown if PCT/IXO worked with them to continue it.

  13. I would just like to thank you for all you’ve done for the Eaglemoss customers. When Eaglemoss went out of business I thought I was never going to get my starship Enterprise finished but you gave me hope and thanks to all the updates you’ve done I’ve been able to sign up up with Fanhome to finish my Enterprise.

    Thanks again.

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